Czech Nationals 1st Place

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karolko 250

Decklist piloted by Adam Rujzam.

32 people attended, most played decks were:

ePalpatine (5 players) ePoe / eMaz (4 players) eUnkar / FN-2199 / Trooper (3 players) ePoe / e Rey (2 players) eVader / eRaider (2 players) rest of decks were represented only once

Top 8:

1st place ePoe / eRey 2nd place ePoe / eMaz 3rd place eUnkar / FN-2199 / Trooper 4th place eUnkar / FN-2199 / Trooper

5th - 8th

ePalpatine eVader / Raider eBabyVader / eFN-2199 eVader / Royal Guard

3 komentarze

siny25 56

Planetary Uprising is it still good in mata full of poe and palps? are New Orders any good?

other cards i consider: Caution High Ground Force Throw

Palumtra 1

Planetary Uprising is bonkers here, Rey - Force Prodigy let's you cheat out tons of extra actions, making it even faster than the Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen version, you can claim most of the time with ease. New Orders is a tech card here as the battlefield is crucial due to the lack of focus dice and C-3PO causes tempo loss (even with the extra actions), also in a mirror match with the same battlefield it basicly enables you to trigger Poe's special for 2 resources. The trick here is that both character can finish off the opponent if the other one is defeated, however it's still a glass cannon setup. In my opinion its on the power level of Poe/Maz but has more "utility" in some ways.

karolko 250

New Orders was very important in one of the finals games (switching to Emperor's Throne Room from Frozen Wastes) and Planetary Uprising is still good in lots of matchups.