e Aurra Sing / FN - Store Champ 1st Place (Sydney Australia)

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GrimDoge 88

Won a store champ in Sydney Australia - Mate wanted to see opinions on the deck so posting up here. This was kinda my pet deck since release of 2nd set, and my answer to the "aggro" decks running around.

Random comments about the deck:

  • Idea was to make it a hard choice which character to go for. Aura is a big damage dealer and I would almost always discard cards to resolve her dice. But if they go for Aura, FN builds up to be a beast with all the attachments. -Prized Posession used to be armor plating. I feel like Prized Posession did some good work, especially when controlling a Vader dice, and claiming battle field to remove the other if I really needed.
  • Fair Trade was for the tech against unkar / crimelord decks and against rise again. That said I didn't have too many chances to play it but it was nice back up and this is a flex slot that can be switched out as needed.
  • If opponent goes for FN first, the aim is usually to get a holdout blaster, and 2x batons on him so it all gets re-deployed.
  • I fairly rarely re-roll and get consistent damage out of the everything (e.g. Aura being 50% damage sides, etc)
  • On average I could get a good 4-8 damage a turn fairly easily (depending on removal). A good Aura roll would be 6 damage on it's own.
  • Rocket Launcher is probably the least used upgrade due to tight resourcing but was nice for the surprise additional damages here and there.
  • Most of the cards are pretty self explanatory - Aggro deck racing for damage.
  • Deck has mixed damage which is both a plus and a negative.
  • Frozen Wastes is great as I generally resolve Aurra first thing, and I don't care about FN dice. Opponent has more to lose with all the Vader, Palp, Poe running around.

Comments and feedback welcome!

11 komentarzy

Gearjock 140

Why Flank? That seems like a very situational card. With all those 3 character decks running around I wonder how much mileage did you actually get with this card? Perhaps replace it with a Doubt or a One-Quarter Portion (since you are also running Fair Trade)?

GrimDoge 88

Gearjock - That's a valid point and I'd test out those options. I chose flank because: 1) FN gets activated/exhausted last in a lot of cases as I'm putting upgrades on him. 2) Even though lots of 3 character decks around, I am usually able to kill 1-2 of them off fairly quick - So flank gets used more often than you'd think, although it is sometimes a dead card. 3) There are still a number of strong 2 character decks, and for those match-ups, it's fine. I was reluctant with One-Quarter Portion as even though I ran fair trade, I still want to make my opponent work for every bit of resource, but I'll definitely try it out! Thanks.

JachPot 179

Doubt is fantastic right now! I think that might be the only thing I'd change in this list is flank to doubt, but this is sweet and I'll give it a try!

derk3211 1

isn't Prized Procession a unique? Therefore only one in a deck?

zammy87 8

@derk3211nah, you can have two in the deck, but only one can be in play

RxDevera 38

Is Scrap Buy ever worth using in an FN/yellow deck?

Gearjock 140

Scrap Buy COULD be useful but if its condition its met it most likely means you also have events in your discard. It might slow the deck down to play the event and then accidentally pull an event. Morever, I wonder what event you would even take out to include Scrap Buy?

GrimDoge 88

@derk3211If I'm correct, you can also replace prized posession with its second copy as a free "removal" after they roll a character in to take the 2nd dice and return the previous one to their card.

@RxDeveraI tried Scrap Buy and did not like it. It is way too random. If anything, I'd use Cheat instead. Get exactly what you want. Maybe an attachment for the FN ability.

@JachPotLet me know how you go! Also, salvage stand could be considered but I found it too slow. But overall, the Fair Trades, and Prized Posession are the most flexible spots to play around with (in my opinion).

russlemania 1

Im really interested in this deck, but im wondering if it suffers from economy problems, especially against control decks. How do you get enough to use a prized possession, and is it worth the saving up for?

supercanuck 26

I recently built my version of this deck for an upcoming SC and I'm loving it. I am a little concerned about how it can hold up against the top, fast damage decks in my local meta, so I'm considering including Armor plating as Aurra can die quickly.

I'm also intrigued by your battlefield choice as I've been running Starship Graveyard - Jakku to be able to get back my weapons. I might try yours though for extra removal!

GrimDoge 88

@russlemania - The deck is tight on resources but I don't have too much issues and a lot of the attachments are overriding previous ones and ramping up in cost (and then into Prized Possession if neccessary). Also, most attachments have a resource side, so when you trigger FN, some times you get that 1 resource discount. Lastly, sometimes it's not a bad option to discard a card to gain an extra resource when you roll it with Aura. I've had games where I roll double resources on Aura first turn, netting me 6 resources in turn one translating to a three cost, and a 2 cost attachment on FN straight up with 1 left over for removal, etc.

@supercanuck - I've tried Armor plating and it was actually the card that was replaced by Prized Posession. I often found I didn't want to play it although the extra suitability is nice (too many vibro knives in my meta). It's one of those cards I keep putting in, then taking out. In then end, I just tried focused on trying to dish out more damage than the other fast damage decks around. The first iterations of the deck had a 50/50% win rate against Poe/Maz but with the erata on fast hands, and more recent changes to this deck, I think it does pretty decent against Poe. I always have fairly tight games against Vader / Raider but somehow manage to win those match-ups also (most of the time), although Vader force discard does hurt a bit.

Starship Graveyard was the first of many battlefields I played around with. I definitely do like it still, and would be my top 3 choices for this deck.Curiously quite a few opponents would chose my battlefield when I brought out Frozen Wastelands which always worked very nicely for me. If they chose their own, 2 shields on Aura was always nice and didn't bother me too much either way.