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Zephireast 80

eaw first draft

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JachPot 173

I'm working on this too. I think sling shot is a must in this deck.

JachPot 173

Nvm that's hero

Nate0026 13

I'd do a DH-17. That would be good.

Kryptmann 1

No Bait and Switch? Apart from that looks really good.

Zephireast 80

It's a really rough first draft. Bait and Switch is in the current build.

.holy 7

I get into money issues with this lineup. I can play an upgrade per round but thats it.

rkik 739

Is fast hands even worth it with Cad being the only target? I can see the point, but not sure if it's better than an alternative.

@.holy Yeah, I can see resources being a problem. I'm running the War Room location that allows me to resolve a damage with a resource cost for free when I claim. The one that gives a resource on claim may not be bad, either since this deck should be fast.

fandreu 1

I am using imperial HQ in my version of this. to make Cad's cost side free.

Zephireast 80

The more my buddies and I look this deck over, the more we think Jango is just better than Cad

GenghisDon 69

That's because Jango is better. The only think cad has over jango is 2 HP. Jango has 3 attack sides and 2 resource sides that pair up really well with Bait and Switch. I pulled 1 cad and I'm trying to sell it because I feel like Jango brings more to the table and I already have 2 Jango dice.

Foz 931

I strongly disagree that Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary is better. HP matters a lot. Having more sides for Bait and Switch is very minor, and he can't be turned to as good of a side as Cad can anyway. Resource sides are so common either build will easily be able to play Bait. Provided you use your ambush upgrades right Cad does basically the same thing as Jango too; activates and then has an action. Cad actually controls when this happens though, which is strictly better; Jango must do it when an opponent activates. Jango's modified side is also annoying as hell and often turns up when you have no other resource sides to use it with. You're also introducing melee damage by playing him which often requires yet another turn to resolve dice, slowing you down. His average damage production is 4/6 per die instead of Cad's 5/6, and Cad tends to hone in on better sides too because he has less of them. Jango often settles on a 1-damage side, while Cad is always rolling into 2 or 3.

I honestly can't believe anyone is trying to argue Jango is better.

Zephireast 80

It's give and take on the action cheat. Cad needs attachments to cheat. But his is more flexible. Jango will always get his cheats no cards required.

The 2 wounds are big. I like Cad for that a lot.

As for the dice it's also a preference thing. Jango basically never needs money. Cad needs a lot to function. That's not bad. He's tough as hell and if opponents focus him down then Phasma will be rocking. But I would say it's certainly worth testing both decks. Saying one is better than the other at this point is premature. Plus I pulled 0 Cad Banes, so Jango gets first dibs on testing.

Sidehatch 47

@rkik Regarding Fast Hands, I run it in my deck and I use the Cargo Hold - Eravana battleground. I can move Fast Hands to Captain Phasma on a claim when I don't need to move an opponent's upgrade for die removal. Also, I run a lot of cheap Upgrades, so it doesn't hurt too much to move upgrades to Phasma throughout the game while still abusing Cad Bane's ability.