Ladies in Red and Blue

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AgeofAnimus 1

First shared deck. I wanted to try something with Seventh Sister. It's a deck built out of what I have. I couldn't team her up with Grand Inquisitor so I went with a Ladies' Night theme. Ciena was cheap enough that I could add a second die and still have room for a third character.

Since I only have two ID9s, I figure that I can roll in both with only one card which saves resources. The second card would make it more consistent to draw though.

It's a resource-hungry deck which is why there's a lot of resource generation cards like Enrage, Prepare for War, Comlink and Datapad. The events are all cheap or free so I can save my resources to pay for resource costs and expensive upgrades.

Since I was using Ciena the deck needed vehicles. I'm thinking a second Tech Team would be a good idea given the number of supports. I'll probably drop Close Quarters Assault which is a shame because I keep trying to make it work. Maybe I can drop the second Lightsaber.

I tried it out tonight and it was slow to start but fun to play overall. It beat my unrefined Vader/Jabba deck and my new Ezra/Ahsoka/Kanan deck.

I'd love to read any comments or suggestions.

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