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Accepting budget suggestions.

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TheNameWasTaken 1

Personally I really like Imperial Discipline with stormtroopers - it's a nice way to get some good value out of the trooper while he lives. And if you have to kill him with The Price of Failure or The Best Defense..., you're not out too much money. It can easily go in the Power of the Dark Side slot (personally I find that card not to be worth its cost).

If you have Empire at War cards, another card you might want to consider is Imperial HQ - all of your character dice and 4 of your 6 weapon dice have pay sides, and HQ should be a lot of help with that.

Also, I don't quite see the value of No Mercy in a deck like this - you only have 14 blue cards, including No Mercy itself. That means you're not likely to get much extra damage from it, which would make it not worth the 2 resources. Instead, if you want damage-dealing events, consider Lightsaber Throw and/or Force Strike. You'll have no trouble with the melee requirement on Throw, and Strike could be a nice, if somewhat costly, way to not only get that lightsaber die you just rolled with FN's ability out of the pool so you can roll it when FN activates, but also do damage in the process. It's not quite as good here as in a Darth Vader - Sith Lord deck because the 2 melee on Kylo and 3 melee on Lightsaber are pay sides and Force Strike also costs money, but that'd be another place where Imperial HQ could help you.

(disclaimer - I haven't actually tried Imperial HQ or Force Strike in a FN deck because I don't have Force Strike and I haven't played FN since I got my EaW box, but those feel like good fits. I have tried Lightsaber Throw and Imperial Discipline though, and they're great)