Seventh Sister, Double Magna

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Tajerik Ri 24

So, this is an interesting deck that seems to revolve around money. you need to manage it wisely. The most important cards to get out are your supports. Always play them, never discard. The MagnaGuard suite should be used as often as you can.

In your starting hand you want Aftermath, and either Imperial HQ, or Electrostaff, priority on HQ and the weapon.

I personally can't get myself to play Force Illusion when it's in my hand. But people keep saying it's amazing. Let me know if it works for you.

The key to this deck is the MagnaGuard. Once one is dead, that's your cue to unleash the beast. Red Alert gives you another turn from the dead MagnaGuard, Cannon Fodder and The Best Defense... are amazing when your putting damage on a soon-to-be-gone guard. And after everthing, at the end of the round, heal 2 with the ancient lightsaber to get it back in your deck, and overwrite any other upgrade with a z6 to get the redeploy to your remaining characters.

As you command is a super good card. Even if you have to remove a 2 side on one of your guys, your basically talking a minimum 4 damage out of that card. And I usually get 5-6.

Everything else is pretty standard. Electrostaff is incredible on the guard, ID9 Seeker Droid's are only for sisters, praetorian guard is more of a placeholder for later upgrades, but has a usefull ability, and that's pretty much it. Still working out the kinks in this. But I hope someone can use it well.

Thanks Tajerik-Ri

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