Moderately Effective Vader

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rzenni 211

This deck is a moderately effective Vader/Guard build. We all know that there are more effective modern decks but Vader still hits hard and has high health - Plus it’s Vader! That’s cool!

Most mono blue villain decks work off of Holocron and cheating out strong force powers earlier in the game then the opponent can deal with them. However this can be very inconsistent - if you don’t get the holocron you can have force abilities stranded in your hand or be forced between playing removal or saving to eventually get a force lightning down.

I’ve opted for an efficiency based build instead. Nothing in the deck costs more than 2, so you can play it rapidly.

Dark Counsel - 1 drop that gives you the ability to play it turn one and still have a resource for removal. Focus sides are good with Vader. Basically anything you get you use.

Ancient Lightsaber - 2 cost with good sides and healing for Vader. Synergizes with Shoto.

Shoto - 2 cost and gives Vader shields or shield removal. Synergizes with all blue weapons.

Crossguard - it’s this or vibroknife until legacies comes out. This synergizes better with Shoto.

Force illusion - staple , keeps vader alive.

Makashi Training - it’s this or force speed - and I’m cheap. This gives removal and three melee sides so it’s not bad.

Force Strike, Lightsaber Throw, No Mercy - Vader staples, convert a resource to 2 or 3 damage out of no where.

Deflect, Clash - blue staples. Convert a resource to damage swings - removing theirs and get your own.

Intimidate - shield removal for all the hero decks running around.

Close quarters combat - with all your melee sides this can be vicious removal. If you can toss 3 or 4 of their cards around, it can be very oppressive.

Doubt - staple free villain removal

Overconfidence - last spot could also go to isolation or sound the alarm. I like overconfidence because it protects against an opponent god roll better than isolation and is harder removal than sound the alarm.

Good luck happy Vadering!

5 komentarzy

RobBarg 3

Have you though of adding in the card As You Command, it can be really good with Vader's cheap high value dice sides like 2.

GrandMasterKub 1

I would drop Makashi and 1 Dark Council for a Rise again and a price of failure.

rzenni 211

@RobBarg I haven’t had a chance to get As You Command yet - legacies just got to Canada today. Looks good though

@GrandMasterKub - I have both available as side board, but I don’t like to main either because I find in my gaming group guard usually dies before I can price of failure and we have severa mill players who rise is dead against. I side in rise against Sabine but usually over clash

vitalis09 285

@rzenniAs You Command is EaW ;) i used it heavy in eaw palp :)

Ramin2-D2 418

with so much blue, maybe It Binds All Things ?