Sabine's Trap

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This is a list I'm planning on running in our local game stores. I would appreciate any feedback, thoughts, ideas.

First of all, Galápagos Jogos, the brazilian company which prints and distributes Star Wars Destiny on behalf of FFG, has severely delayed the expansions in Brazil, which means WE JUST HAD ACCESS TO "EMPIRE AT WAR" AND THE "2-PLAYER GAME" IN LATE JANUARY 2018. Yeah, sweet isn't it? That's why I have not included any "Legacies" cards and have considered a metagame without "Legacies" as well.

The objetive of this deck is to abuse Sabine's powerful dice while setting up for a killer "Never Tell Me The Odds" turn. The reason for using Admiral Ackbar instead of a blue character is having access to Logistics and also Leadership in case you need to set up a high damage turn without NTMTO. Also, Ackbar has 2 sides, which are desperately needed in this deck.

The deck also has the "Sabine Wren/Thermal Paint/2x Running Interference" combo, but it's there mostly as a plan B. I don't like combos which requires all copies of a given card in play (Running Interference). But it's good, so it's there.

Any thoughts?

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