AP2 - 74 Man Highlander NJ Regional Top 4

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YoDameron - Texas Regional Runner-Up (Updated) 29 22 18 1.0
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TheSky3 121

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TheSky3 121

YoDameron derived deck with Aayla’s damage sides to make the Hit and Run/All In Play a game winner. Lando plot a real MVP to drop Poe’s Blaster turn 1 and still play mitigation ( or a light bow if they took shields).

GenghisDon 99

What are your thoughts on Starship Graveyard - Jakku to dig out force illusion as needed? Can you explain how the Canto Bight Pistol ties in other than it's redeploy. Did Planetary Uprising come into play a lot for you? In my testing, I'm not claiming fast enough because sometimes I have 3 different damage sources, All In helps but I don't always pull it. I guess Force Speed helps too, I don't $100 for a pair of them. Anyway, nice deck and congrats on your top 4

TheSky3 121

@GenghisDon I never really looked at that battlefield. If you go fast and remove a die you probably get the same amount of HP value without milling yourself.

Canto bight is the redeploy (remember to redeploy it, I forgot once) and to special chain for speed.

Planetary was awesome, get out 2 and you usually win. I won 3 games with that as a closer. Sometimes it’s better to special chain for speed than max the damage sides of the dice. You’re right, if you go to slow you turn off Planetary, Defensive Position, the claim removal, and Retreat. I played for speed, but you could go slower and build it more like R2P2.

Without Force Speed this build probably doesn’t work.

Another note, most people target Poe (and his Blaster) first. If you can action cheat him out 1 extra time before death, and redeploy to Aayla, I usually win. Players in the top 8 just knocked out Aayla first, which removed the Force Speeds, Force Misdirects, and Deflect. Tough call, but I found it much harder for me when that happened.

I think it was the only Poe/Aayla in the field that day. All in all the deck worked well since it was full of action cheats and surprise damage, with luckily timed blowout removal. I don’t really think it’s a Tier 1, but it can catch people by surprise. Good luck with it!

oldredhat 8

Have you thought of trying Lightsaber in place of Canto Bight Pistol? You'd get another die to target with Force Misdirection, and potentially give you another option for mitigation in Guard. You'd still get redeploy and a target for special chains.

With the volume of 'special side' focused decks, do you get much use from Defensive Position or Deflect?

TheSky3 121

I had tried some sabers and guard, but the problem I ran into was resolving melee sides and leaving them in the pool for guard play slowed me down too much. I actually made the switch away from guard/ sabers in the last 2 games I played at Highlanders Wednesday game night.

Deflect won me 2 games, people don’t run it much anymore so it comes out of nowhere.

Defensive of position was obviously a blowout when it landed. Also weirdly enough I didn’t get matched up against any other “specials” decks all day. I don’t think any of the Hondo or Yoda decks hung around the top tables.

GenghisDon 99

I'm also finding my version runs out of damage as I get caught up special chaining just to deal out 4 damage. It's starting to become a pilot thing i think. Yes it's fun to turn all my dice to specials and all my opponents dice to blanks, but at the end of my turn, they just discard and reroll. I think my version needs more weapons so I'm not relying in character dice for damage. I don't think I own the cards to make it happen. I think I have to move to something else. Force Speed is probably the key card in all of this.

oldredhat 8

I’ve actually been looking at trying a slower version for this list that isn’t as dependent on only specials. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Sleegoth 1