Mandalorian Mischief

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lengelmp 881

So basically this deck is all about maximizing damage via rerolls. Get ambush weapons into the discard pile with smuggling to trigger an ambush activation with Sabine, quick draw holster and Unpredictable help maximize without a chance to be controlled. Unpredictable also comes in handy as control so it is very versatile in this deck. Clone trooper can roll out to further maximize rolls. Hit and Run is huge for a big hit. Planetary Uprising is key because you force the opponent to early claim or claim by action 3 for 2-4 extra damage. Dug in and second chance keep Sabine alive. The control suite is minimal but Loth-Cat is a lot better than normal in this deck because you will be ambush activating Sabine and resolving what you can so in theory whats left is not extremely useful and you dont mind losing it. Truce comes in handy for a bind. When you activate Sabine, to conserve resources, overwrite the weapons. Ideally she has two guns and quickdraw holster on her and one of those guns is getting swapped with something else. if you dont have hit and run roll in clone trooper second to reroll one of Sabine's die if you werent able to resolve it. Put all indirect damage on Clone Trooper and use him as a meat shield.

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Spankatank 1

Definitely an interesting idea, will have to play around with this.

borghe 291

I've thought about red sabine... it would seem there is a lot to play with. Ultimately the problems I come up with are: Planetary Uprising is win more card. If you could cheat it out that would be great, but if you actually have 2 resources to spend on it it means you either haven't been upgrading sabine, or you are so far ahead that you have 2 resources sitting there doing nothing. Also in traditional sabine you have Hyperspace Jump (which you are not running) and in red sabine you'd probably play Retreat, both of which kill PU. Granted you're not running those.

Hit and Run similarly seems like it's good on paper, obviously the card is a red hero staple. But I've never run into tempo issues with Sabine where hit and run would solve them. If we could have 32 cards in the deck hit and run would be top contenders, but at 30 cards we just don't have a big enough issue getting sabine's dice out while not giving our opponent a chance to modify them.

I'll take a look at this though. I would love for red Sabine to be the best (as a former "orange" Poe Maz player). And there are a couple of solid red characters to match her with. Also curious if Leadership would actually work, or if that is sort of win more also.

borghe 291

though you'd need to run Admiral Ackbar - Perceptive Tactician or Rose - Skilled Mechanic to use leadership, both of which could also be viable.

lengelmp 881 Here's this one I made @borghe that includes Ackbar and Leadership. Rose doesnt really fit the scheme of the deck.