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Beleghorn 66

Currently my favourite deck. This is my own version of the ePoe2 eAayla profitable connection decks, and the eRose Ezra eAayla rainbow vehicle decks. It is a combination of both and I think it beats those for a few reasons stated below. Even their names blend together nicely.

Vs ePoe eAayla

I would trade a Poe dice and profitable connections for Ezra as it gives us 7 extra health and access to Easy Pickings (arguably the best removal card)and Double-Dealing (an amazing card in a special deck) double dealing gets you a resource every round instead of just one at the beginning. Hard mulligans for it. I think it's better than Rally Aid and Tech Team you see in the vehicle variants.

Vs Rainbow hero vehicles

I would also trade 2 rose dice for 1 Poe dice due to his ability fitting in with the special strategy, Ezra and double dealing making more than enough money to cover the loss of rose, plus we get Poe2's extra health, good damage sides and access to his blaster with improved special, which makes him amazing.

Strengths: High health at 28

Rainbow with a mix of 4 colours in the cards. Anti Kylo

Specials harder to mitigate

Loads of options for dice control.

No vital character you need alive to win.

High damage output with specials but not limited to specials

Weaknesses: This deck is Slow! You won't be claiming much. If ever. Imperial throne room is there to scare your opponents and get you shields. This doesn't work against other special decks.


This deck is quite flexible and it depends on who your opponent targets first.


If they target Ezra first they are trying to stop you using "spot a yellow" mitigation. That's why you have flank and into the garbage chute instead of electroshock. In this case be happy as Ezra is simply here to be a meat shield. He is not a key player. Remove his dice for Caution or exhaust him for Into The Garbage Chute use Easy Pickings early if you can as that's what you will lose. If they leave him til last you have Cunning in your deck only for this scenario. If he is targeted first don't use it. Cunning makes Ezra deadly. By the time you use it (mid to late game), you should have C-3PO out as well as maybe a Y-Wing or Handcrafted Light Bow. With cunning you can double y-wing every turn for 8 damage. If you can disrupt or steal a resource with Ezra's die, even better as they will block less. Ezra is good to roll out early. If you get disrupt or special on his die, leave it in the pool as it stops your opponent resolving resources and messes with their plans.


If they target Poe first they are doing something wrong. He has the most health and only 1 die. If this happens only give him his blaster and only if you get it early. With 11 health and all your mitigation he should last a few rounds at least so swap his blaster for canto or bowcaster just before he dies. Poe is your first choice for where to put Handcrafted Light Bow and you should load him up with this and Poe Dameron's Blaster ASAP. Use his special to special chain one of his upgrades or Y-Wing. Generally I give his shields to Aayla first. He can work well with Partnership pairing him up with C-3PO using your extra action to 3po a special on one of his upgrades. Although if you roll his special before you choose your support then you might choose to activate a Y-Wing and special chain the ywing instead. (Rules question for Partnership: do you have to name your character and support before you activate the first one, or can you wait until the first is activated before choosing the second? Been playing that you don't have to specify but open to debate) I considered Hit and Run in this deck. It's not quite as good as partnership but if you use it for extra action cheat make sure you have C3po in your pool before you hit and run with Poe, then you'll always hit a special.


Aayla is the most likely target for your opponent being the only elite character. If you get the shields from set up put them on Aayla. If they target her first and do a lot of damage simply don't give her any upgrades. Unless you get Force Throw first round and you think you'll get some use out of it before it's lost. You have good mitigation and with force throw it's even better so it can be worth playing on her even if she is targeted but if she has been heavily damaged remember you can put it on Ezra too. Aayla and Force Throwis your best weapon in this deck. With Partnership it's insane. There is a 31% chance of her rolling her special so roughly every 3rd roll. if you get it turn an opponents dice to a high value and special chain to force throw that high value die (or if you need to mitigate 2 dice, blank 1 and throw the other). There is a 54% chance of hitting either force throw or Aayla specials which gets you same result. And a 9% chance of getting both. Priority use for Partnership should be with Aayla and force throw. The play goes like this:

Wait till opponent rolls out. Play partnership and Activate Aayla first before you choose the support. (see above for rules question) If you don't get any specials on Aayla or force throw (46% chance) roll out C-3PO. (Or r2d2 if you don't have 3po but less reliable) use your extra action to 3po force throw. If you do get a special, roll out Y-Wing instead. If you only got 1 special on Aayla You might get lucky (1 in 3 chance) and be able to include ywing in your extra 'resolve specials' action, but if have get a special on Aayla and force throw showing (roughly 1 in 10 chance so happens relatively often), then activate y wing, it doesn't matter what it rolls you can use your extra action to resolve specials and special chain y wing with Aayla and use force throw. It's worth making this play even if you don't have the resource for the extra action as its more likely than not you will roll a special and get one with Double-Dealing. Can even Partner r2d2 as your support if you don't get it with aayla. Another option with aayla is to turn one of your dice to a high value, like the 4 on Bowcaster and force throw that to avoid paying the cost. Aayla is good to roll out early if you end up with no mitigation in your hand as her special can blank an opponent.

Starting hand

Mulligans for double dealing above all else but keep a 3po if you get one. An ideal starting hand is Double-Dealing C-3PO and Poe Dameron's Blaster, with some mitigation (0 cost or easy pickings/garbage chute to use early) . Play double dealing first. There's a 51% chance of getting a special and a 61% chance of getting a resource or Ezra's special with your character dice before rerolling, so it's reasonably likely you can get 4 resources in round 1 to pay for double dealing, 3po and an upgrade out round 1.

Card choices


The events are mostly out of hand mitigation. I favoured this over cards like Guard and Force Misdirection as you're not claiming the battlefield much, and going second means you're less likely to have dice in the pool to use for mitigation. As mentioned before Ezra can be your into the garbage chute/caution character. Use garbage chute and easy pickings early if you can. once Ezra's dead it's a bigger cost to exhaust one of the others. Partnership, as mentioned earlier, great card in this deck. Sound the alarm is a single as I only have 1.

Upgrades and supports

Poes blaster, force throw, handcrafted light bow and y wing are some of the most powerful specials in the game. This is a special chain deck at heart (with decent base damage sides as back up) , so they are easy choices.

R2d2 great card, extra special chaining but only 1 in the deck as its not as reliable as 3po C-3po is possibly the best card in the deck. When all else fails you can always 3po a special. Double dealing. Essential money maker. Reliable in this deck and more flexible than binds all things weapons crate tech team or rally aid.

Bowcaster and Canto Bight Pistol. One of each largely because I only have one of each. These are for redeploy and used to overwrite whatever upgrade you have on someone who is about to die. Canto has a decent special and I prefer it to lightsaber for the extra damage against villains over unblockable damage. Bowcaster is great and you can usually get the 4 side with aayla Poe r2 or 3pos focus. It has an OK special too.

Other considerations

An arguement could be made for Funeral Pyre to keep force throw going.

Other high powered special supports like Ghost U-Wingor Pirate Speeder Tank For me they're too expensive but could work.

Electroshock- opted against this as Ezra can die early and make it useless

Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber or Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber- a good special and damage sides but expensive and not redeploy and I opted for canto instead.

One With The Force - extra focus chances and good paired with 3po for damage I tried using this as another overwrite before death for redeploy (effectively) but eventually swapped for bowcaster

Vandalize - could swap this in for one of the mitigation pairs. Havn't tried it yet but looks good.

Hush-98 Comlink - this has potential here for speeding up the deck dramatically but I could just never bring myself to pay 2 for it over getting more damage out there. In the end I chose to just accept its a slow deck.

Hit and Run/Attack Run. Not as good as partnership but good to use on Poe if you have 3po In the pool or visa versa for attack run. depends on how you want to balance your deck.

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DrunkenPaladinGaming 56

Played against this deck a few times and it hits hard. The combination of the Lightbow, Y-Wing and C-3PO is crazy good. Partnership was scary too, and as mentioned, it's hard to decide who to target first.