6-0 PAX east GQ Qui-Gon/Yoda

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6-0 PAX east GQ Qui-Gon/Yoda 16 14 17 2.0

Where's Waldo? 83

This is my Qui-Gon/X deck that has been evolving since awakenings which has included rey1 and Kanan as his support partners. I will be adding what decks I played against and what I can remember from those matches at a later time. To me it is a very straightforward deck as I have been playing with Qui-Gon since awakenings, and the main goal is to tank up and deal small damage with shields then set up for big burst damage and unexpected kills with heightened senses/caution into a riposte without using any dice. The deck is extremely resource efficient (Yoda obviously) so you always have money for weapons and events and then there is the double shoto on Qui-Gon that makes him extremely hard to kill and more deadly than any other character that uses them. I love this deck and will be sad the day Qui-gon rotates out but such is life. Thanks for reading and once again I will edit this and add my GQ match ups.

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Where's Waldo? 83

Check out V. 2.0 for my GQ matchup breakdown!