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Where's Waldo? 83

This is my Qui-Gon/X deck that has been evolving since awakenings which has included rey1 and Kanan as his support partners. I will be adding what decks I played against and what I can remember from those matches at a later time. To me it is a very straightforward deck as I have been playing with Qui-Gon since awakenings, and the main goal is to tank up and deal small damage with shields then set up for big burst damage and unexpected kills with heightened senses/caution into a riposte without using any dice. The deck is extremely resource efficient (Yoda obviously) so you always have money for weapons and events and then there is the double shoto on Qui-Gon that makes him extremely hard to kill and more deadly than any other character that uses them. I love this deck and will be sad the day Qui-gon rotates out but such is life. Thanks for reading and once again I will edit this and add my GQ match ups.

Okay so here is what I can remember about the games I played at the Friday PAX east GQ (a few matches may be out of order but here it goes):

Round 1: Sabine/Ezra Was not looking forward to playing against this deck at all as it is the only deck I feel can consistently beat me before I can weaponize and tank up. My opponent had a turn 1 R.I down along with a hidden blaster but failed to do significant damage round 1 as I put about 4 into Sabine using synchro and melee. Round 2 I proceeded to luck out on his poor rolling and deflected a 3 back into sabine after a reroll which caused him to put down a second chance over his DL 44. He was going for qui gon but only had a few damage on him. Round 3 he got qui gon to 7 or 8 dmg but couldnt get lethal, i proceeded to ataru strike his sabine for 4 and pop his second chance with a +3 showing on ancient and +1 on a shoto with a qui gon die showing a shield. I made a hard decision after he claimed to pitch my 2nd Ataru strike and hope for a hail Mary on the qui gin die for base damage... I hit it. With a naked Ezra and a full shielded qui gon with 2 shotos and ancient it was over. 1-0

Round 2: Yoda/Hondo I don't remember this game as much seeing as my strategy is don't pay Hondo early and nuke yoda which i killed yoda round 2 with qui gon and yoda nowhere near danger. 2-0

Round 3: Kylo2/Anakin Same as the game before, I killed Kylo2 in an early round before he was able to find significant damage. He guessed right every time obviously but I was able to roll out and guard/misdirect almost all of his dmg dice away. 3-0

Round 4: NJcuenca's Rose/Aayla/Ezra This is the first time I had ever talked to or met a member of hyperloops but there reputation for being good players is definitely true. Round 1 I was able to put 6 damage on rose while taking minimal damage and almost no supports hitting the table. Round 2 he was able to roll rose and get 2 resources off of her before I put her down and he played a support or 2. Once again insignificant damage due to unbreakable and guard. The rest was a blur as I killed Aayla the following round and then he had me randomly pick a card with rally aid and I pulled his hawk from his hand which was very bad for him but good for me. He had some very bad rolls early game that didn't help along with my double shotos by round 2 of the match. 4-0

Round 5: BobbySapphire's Rey/Aayla Another fantastic player and a hyperlooper. I had probably my best turn 1 hand and yoda rolls and was able to double shoto after a saber pull on Qui-Gon before he activated. He went for qui gon pumping out lots of damage and a turn 1 lightbow on aayala but with no success to kill him. After Aayla was dead in round 2 or 3 it was an uphill battle for him but he was making strong headway into killing qui gon and shielding up Rey. We found ourselves at the 5min mark and rey was at about 8 or 9 dmg. He told me to speed up and make faster decisions which I didn't appreciate but I can understand in the position he was in or maybe he was trying to get in my head. It worked as I did not see the claim and kill on rey who had 10 dmg on her right after using my qui gon dice and rolled in yoda because he flustered me with his comment especially at the 5min mark since I had never been told I was playing slow the entire time i have been playing destiny. He grabbed a shield but had no more dice. I left yodas dice and just claimed and then said activate with double shotos for the kill since he wanted me to "speed up". I have respect for him and the hyperloops but his comments were unnecessary as there no was no chance for him to win and 5min is ample time when your only character is at 10dmg and at that point even if qui gon magically died from full shields and 4hp I drew the riposte and heightened sense combo to kill him with yoda. Still shook his hand and I even apologized since he thought I was playing slow but thinking back on it I definitely would take my apology back since he was rude about it and he was taking equally as long. Still a fun match though regardless of the rudeness near the end. 5-0

Round 6: Yoda/Hondo

This guy was another fantastic player but i had played him the pods the day before and I had the same strategy as earlier, nuke yoda. He decided to scoop to me since he was 4-1 and didn't want the chance of the seat to be wasted seeing as I was the only undefeated. We played for fun just to see and I ended up beating him as expected even with his hot Hondo rolling. 6-0

Well that's my report from what I can remeber. I'm sure I missed lots of details since it was just a blur of excitement and adrenaline after beating the Sabine/Ezra in round 1 so if anyone has added details feel free to post them. I had a great time and met some awesome people over the weekend! Thanks for reading and I will hopefully see some of you at worlds! - Waldo, the Qui-Gon guy

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Deck104 61

Way to be an internet cowboy. You were taking so much longer than I was you didn’t notice me call the judge over about your pace of play. It’s one thing to play too slow, but it’s another to cop to it and apologize to my face and then spout this bullcrap online. Cool though. Congrats on the 6-0.

ZappBrannigan 43

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Where's Waldo? 83

I'm not spouting any bullcrap, that was my experience in a match and just because you were losing it did not give you the right to be rude about it. You could have said it in a less demeaning tone and not told me to "start making some decisions". You are supposed to be a community leader and that was very rude and really just uncalled for. 5 minutes left is more than enough time to finish a game at the stage we were in and you should know that. The fact that you responded shows how unsportsmanlike you really are. Nothing I said was a lie. I even commended you for being a good player. I just felt you approached the situation poorly and your response proves I was not wrong in how rude you really are. Congrats on being full of yourself.

Deck104 61

If you think my actions are rude you should try being nice to someone in person and then flaming them on the internet, there are few things more rude... You admittedly played slow, asking you to play with some expedience is not unsportsmanlike, nor is it rude. You did great this weekend and should be proud of that. Posting this on the internet isn't classy at all, and you should definitely look up what "being full of yourself" means, I would suggest Webster's or a mirror.

ZappBrannigan 43

Websters? Pffft...


Where's Waldo? 83

I never admitted to playing slow at all, my EXACT apology was "hey man good game, I apologize if YOU THINK I was playing slow, you were really making me think" where you proceeded to say nothing to me but you did shake my hand again. And I was not flaming you, this is all part of MY first experience at a convention and that's how I felt. It wasn't that you asked me to play faster, it was the way you said it to me. If he said 2min and I was trying to avoid losing then maybe you can call me out for purposely slow playing but I wasnt. I was nice in person because I had no personal problem with you, i understand frustration, but my personal feelings on the matter changed and that's what came out. I should not have apologized or even had to. It should have been the other way around for your tone of voice towards someone you dont even know. We also finished with 3min to spare and never hit time. You are also blowing this way out of proportion. What I wrote was meant to just be matter of factly, not aggresive. Besides multiple people that played you or seen your videos have told me you act like that any way so idk why it's a such a surprise. Maybe it's the first time someone ever said something about it, idk. If its unsportsmanlike to share my story then so be it.

revhellion 1

@Deck104 Nothing in what he said was all that bad. Your comments here are embarrassing. For one thing “being full of yourself” is not a word you can look up in a dictionary. Secondly, that’s how most of the community would describe almost any Hyperlooper.

This just looks like a giant hissy fit because someone else won. I wish I could say it’s the first time I heard a Hyperlooper whine after they didn’t win a tournament.

It typically comes off rude any time you tell some one to speed up when your losing. And a lot of times you do it because your upset you’re losing, which makes it seem like the other person is playing slower than they really are. I’ve had it done to me, and I’ve done it to other people. It happens, we all know it, and often it’s the person who is trying to hurry up the game that apologizes.

@Where's Waldo? Congrats on the win. Don’t get stuck on a small moment or let a Hyperlooper drag you down to their level. These guys have built up a bad reputation at competitions. Hopefully at some point they will drop the egos.

Deck104 61

@revhellion I would love to hear what tournament you said one of us whined after we didn't win it. I don't think it typically comes off as rude to ask someone to speed up if they aren't playing with expedience. That might be people's lack of experience with competitive play. Anyway, I'm not upset I lost, I lose all the time. Waldo's deck was great and he crushed the whole day. The only thing I have an issue with is him acting cool with me afterwards and on Sunday and not saying any of this to me where we could've worked it out in person and not on the internet, but I'm just seeing now that he said his feelings change, so what can you do. Maybe it wasn't "that bad" to you, but you seem biased; no offense meant, but you clearly don't like me/us. Either way I think you guys are using a lot of second hand information to form your opinions and while that's kind of shitty, it's your right to do so. GJ again @Where's Waldo? I'm gonna dip so you can use this thread to talk about your deck/win. See you next time.

millercharlesl@hotmail.com 1

Great write up. Definitely some things to think about on how I want to modify the Jinn Yoda deck I am playing. Quick question however, thoughts on defensive teaching?

Where's Waldo? 83

@millercharlesl@hotmail.com I actually cut the card from the deck for Deflect because a lot of times I felt like staying at 3 shields is fairly easy to do and throwing back some damage would catch people off guard since I havent seen it used in awhile, and also I feel that I would miss out on doing damage by over shielding. Also if you put on 4 or 5 shields, lightbows and intimidates just become so much more devastating and there is a lot of that in the meta right now. It is definitely worth testing though seeing as it makes Riposte and Ataru strike way more deadly but it just never made it past the deck building phase for me.

Gaute&Filip 16

Great deck. Have you concidered playing chance cube?

Jonke75 13

In a deck not built around expensive equipment the chance cubes just slows down the game and takes up slots needed for more useful things. So for me it's clear why it's not present here.

ZappBrannigan 43

From what I hear, Waldo pops in any cards he can find to slow the pace. Too soon?

Gaute&Filip 16

Yeah. I see that now. The average cost of cards are 0,93 so resource generation beyond what you get from Yoda seems a waste.

Where's Waldo? 83

Yah chance cube just doesn't fit with the style or tempo of the deck because the most expensive card is Obi's saber.

Darik_grey 93

Do you think this deck could work without the Ancient Lightsabers? I have every other card, just not those.

Where's Waldo? 83

@Darik_greyD To me the ancients feel like a must since it's your only other blue 2 resource weapon but you could replace with heirloom lightsaber and give that a try