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DjBigRuss 161

This is the optimized version of the deck I used to win the Atomic Empire Store Championship on 7/15/2018. The actual version I played was -1 ARC-170 Starfighter-1 Resistance Crait Speeder + 1 Rex's Blaster Pistol +1 Fang Fighter because I was missing those cards.

This deck was created by the Destiny Council and a more detailed writeup about the deck can be found here: https://destinycouncil.com/2018/07/10/drivers-ed-way-of-the-force-deck-idea/ .

Once Rex was spoiled I knew I wanted to build a deck around him. I've tried multiple versions of the deck before landing on this one, and I think it has a real chance to be a top deck going forward. The major concern for this deck (and a lot of decks right now) is the presence of Kylo Ren - Tormented One in the format.

Anyways here is what I recall about the tournament:

Round 1 - eMace Windu - Jedi Champion / Clone Trooper (W)

I was not expecting to sit down across from Mace round 1. Mace hung in there for a while, long enough to be equiped with a Master of the Council . However back to back turns of Defensive Position was all I needed to lock down the game.

Round 2 - eCassian Andor - Rebellion Operative / eYoda - Wizened Master (W)

This was my closest match of the tournament. I knew going in just how quickly this pairing can mill your deck,so I focused on getting as many vehicles out as possible. In the end it came down to needing 2 damage out of about 4 Vehicles with only 1 Card in hand and none remaining in deck, and I got there. It was very fortunate for me that he didn't draw either of his Second Chance during the game.

Round 3 - eRex - Clone Captain / Clone Trooper / Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen (W)

The dreaded Rex mirror match. His deck was focused a lot more on burst damage and speed, while mine was focused on getting a ton of dice on the table for the long game. Since I knew his deck was faster than mine, I waited for him to roll out his Rex first every turn before I rolled out mine to gain the Battlefield advantage. I managed to take out Maz, but not before he used Easy Pickings twice for some blowout turns. Eventually a turn where I activated Rex, and used 2 Dug in was enough to turn the tide in my favor and my vehicles took it from there.

Round 4 - eCount Dooku - Darth Tyranus / Jabba the Hutt - Renowned Gangster (W) - Writeup can be found here: http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/21918/2nd14playersc-jabbaedooku-1.0

This game started really strong for me with a double Rally Aid opening. I started off by going for Dooku, because his consistent damage is a problem if the game goes on long enough. However, there was a moment where Jabba was loaded up with 2 Sith Holocron and some indirect damage already so I decided to change targets. I managed to find just enough damage to kill Jabba that turn, and my Vehicles overwhelmed Dooku after that.

Final Thoughts:

The deck is really strong, Ezra's Power Action is very useful in finding that extra Vehicle or Blaster you need for the turn, and if you win the roll and are able to use Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 it's tough to lose. Shoutout to the Destiny Council for an awesome deck.

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Destiny Deck Analysis 271

Congrats on your first place finish! I had similar success in a SC, finishing 3-1. I run a slightly more even split of weapons and vehicles and am wondering which you find to be most effective? I currently run two Resistance Crait Speeders and two ARC-170 Starfighters, but am wondering if those are the best vehicles at their respective price points? Also, how effective were Dug in and Suppressive Fire? I have considered adding both at different times but am not certain I have space. Also, I am curious as to how you decided on Ezra Bridger - Aspiring Jedi over a similarly costed yellow character? One of the strengths of my deck was a wide variety of colors to guard against Kylo Ren - Tormented One, but it seems your build is primarily red, and I am wondering if Kylo Ren - Tormented One isn't as prevalent in your meta? Anyways, thanks for the write up!

DjBigRuss 161

@Destiny Deck Analysis Hi there, I certainly think that Resistance Crait Speeder is necessary since it's one of the best, if not the best 2 cost vehicle in the game. I've found Suppressive Fire to be one of the best cards in WotF, it helps against the decks that action cheat and doesn't require an action to use. One possible inclusion that I didn't mention in this is Tactical Aptitude, which combined with Ezra allows you to filter your deck for Rally Aid or whatever card you may need. Ezra's Power Action and his Lightsaber is the main reason for playing him over another character. He also has a really solid die for 8 points.

If I was running it with a yellow character, I might go with Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen focusing more on Ambush Guns and speed instead of Vehicles. That is the version I am going to try next! Kylo Ren - Tormented One is a huge problem for my deck, so maybe going Red/Yellow would be the way to go.

Destiny Deck Analysis 271

Thanks for the detailed response! I will definitely give Suppressive Fire a fair chance in my build and will also consider the Rally Aid vehicles variant as opposed to a combination of speed and supports. Thanks for your advice and congrats again on the victory.