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GoldLeader1977 82

Ever since the release of Rex I stubbornly wanted a Rex 501st legion deck to work. There are so many synergies that I refused to believe the deck would fail. After a lot of versions, tweaks, and losses to Snoke decks I believe this version is in the best position to win. I've have gotten wins against all the top tier meta decks but it's still a 1.5 tier deck since it's more of a theme deck. But it's cheap and definitely competitive enough to win some games and surprise some folks.

Syngergies...It's all about the battlefield!

Fort Anaxes - Anaxes(Grants Guardian to your team), Defensive Position, Dug in, Superior Position, Lookout Post

All these cards are pretty powerful and Rex and removed their drawback.

in this deck is a thing and it can really dish out a lot of it. E-11 Blaster, Rex's Blaster Pistol, Clone Trooper, Rex - Clone Captain, & Mortar Team all have black damage sides. drop a Lookout Post on turn one and start throw 2 dice 5 damage bombs and units start to fall pretty quickly. Mortar Team can be used as damaged until you draw a Lookout Post. I really under estimated these two cards and didn't realize they really are the better upgrades in the deck.

The deck typically runs slow and you benefit form Gaurdian to help mitigate damage. Although you can go fast by putting copies of Rex's Blaster Pistol and Lead by Example on your clones. With those equiped and a single Hit and Run in hand you can activate a minimum of two characters & one support with 1 or two die rerolls and still have an ambush action left over.

Reposition, I think is the worse card in the deck but it's super on theme and it actually is pretty good if used correctly. Often in this deck your opponent will pass until you only have a few blank dice left and very little cards left in hand to reroll. So using Reposition there to get the exact die side you want is pretty huge instead of pitching a card for a random reroll.

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GoldLeader1977 82

Updated! Made some changes to the list after some more testing. -1 Poe Dameron's (Blaster Just isn't needed) -1 Rearm (not as effective with only 4 red upgrades) +2 Crackdown (great resource ramp)