Personal Militia with Deck Analysis

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Destiny Deck Analysis 253

Personal Militia

Many people play a similar version of this deck, but play Rose - Skilled Mechanic, instead of Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen. Though Rose - Skilled Mechanic has some unique benefits, such as her ability to remove damage from supports, Maz provides an element of speed and consistency, especially when Chance Cube is in play. Maz allows you to quickly convert poor rolls into meaningful damage or resources, which is invaluable.


Hired Gun: I saw this character used with Long-Term Plan and the 3 damage side in combination with the plot dealing 5 damage to a character late game can be a decisive blow.

Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen: One of my favorite characters, Maz's ability is incredibly powerful and forces your opponent to consider mitigating dice that aren't even yet showing damage.

Clone Trooper: I have enjoyed playing clone's in my deck as their re-roll ability provides an unexpectedly large amount of consistency. For example, if you need only one damage to defeat a character and they require two actions to present lethal damage, you can activate the clone and through his re-roll ability (and in a perfect statistical world) have a 100% chance of hitting between 1 and 2 damage. Though this is only the case in a meaningful statistical sample, you still have a greater chance of hitting damage than you do rolling all other single die characters and supports.


Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 is the quintessential vehicles battlefield and Maz's speed helps to ensure that you can claim faster than your other opponent's playing vehicle decks, which is incredibly helpful.


Chance Cube: Excellent when used with Maz's ability. Activate and resolve a focus die and the chance cube for an immediate 3 resources.

Maz's Goggles: Helps to ensure that Maz is always able to hit a focus when she activates. With both of her dice and her goggle's having a 1/3 chance of rolling a focus, this sums to 3/3 probability, or nearly a statistical guarantee that you will hit the focus side you want.

Second Chance: For survival purposes, two have been included.


Though most of the cards are automatic inclusions in a hero vehicle deck, the hail fire droid tank and millennium falcon are deck tech cards that have been included for synergy with Maz and her abilities.

Hailfire Droid Tank: If you happen upon a Chance Cube, Rally Aid, or Logistics and the droid tank, you can ramp into it first turn, making all the other vehicles you play that much more effective.

Millennium Falcon: Activating this support, then Maz, provides a very consistent burst of 3 direct damage, which is helpful if you lose initiative and need to secure a character kill late game.


Once again, these are the events you would expect to see in a red and yellow hero vehicle deck. Each provides strong control and allows you to ramp Long-Term Plan to deal massive bursts of damage late game.


Much like the Rose - Skilled Mechanic variant of this deck, your goal is to ramp long term plan (preferably to 2 resources), then start swinging with it each turn after that, while continuing to ramp into your vehicles and mitigating as best you can. My recommendation would be to mulligan hard for Rally Aid, Chance Cube, or Logistics as well as a vehicle or two and a mitigation card. This will help to ensure that you can develop your board state and protect your characters at the same time.

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rogue6548 44

Great looking deck, definitely going to be trying it. Hope you don't mind, I recalculated your stats:

Chance of a clone trooper rolling damage (with a reroll of you need it) = 75%.

Chance of Maz with Goggles rolling at least one focus = 70.4%.

Not 100%, but still very high compared to most decks. I love the consistency.

Destiny Deck Analysis 253

Thanks for the statistical update! I oftentimes look at probabilities as additive as opposed to multiplicative, which tends to suggest more consistency than will be had in reality. But regardless you are correct, the consistency is excellent! I hope you enjoy the testing with this deck and thanks again for your input @rogue6548