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stranglebat 825

Plo Koon - Jedi Protector isn't just any Jedi master, he is the most savvy and lovable master of them all. He is wise like Yoda, strong like Mace, loyal like Obi-wan, and probably just as concerned about the droid attack on the Wookies as Ki-Abi-Mundi. All that aside what makes him truly special is his ability to leave the Jedi Temple - Coruscant to go into Coruscants hidden underbelly and carry out Clandestine Operations

Every Card has its place in this perfect sting, knowledge is power and this deck will let know you everything the opponent is doing at all times.


Force Illusion This allows Plo to get in undetected.

Macrobinoculars These allow Plo to identify threats from miles away

Maz's Goggles Allow you to magnify and concentrate on the details of current events

Tough Haggler Is useful for keeping your resources up and if during the negotiation your opponent lets slip more information the better for you.

Master of the Council Is there for when Plo reveals his true place in the order. It's a good thing he haggled so toughly as the lavish life style of the Master is costly. Conveniently being master has its benefits allowing Plo to reactivate and look at their hand twice more.


Dex's Diner Jedi's do eat, and Dex's diner is the main hang out of Obi-wan

Jedi Council Plo is Diligent in reporting to the council but unfortunately they aren't as savvy as our good friend and they tend to discard 1 out of every 2 leads he brings them.

Plo Koon's Starfighter Get to where you are going in style

Street Informants These are who the Trusted Informants use as foot troops. If Plo is the Heart then they are the blood.

Streetwise The number one requirement for this sort of operation, you have to be prepared.


"Fair" Trade Plo knows when you have to give your contact a little something something, but he will always makes sure its more Fair for his current mission.

As I Have Foreseen & Force Vision represent Plo's ability to use the force to find the hidden schemes and he frequently uses this keep even his informants on their toes

Negotiate, Double-Cross, Easy Pickings, Impersonate are all the various skills Plo uses that aren't his force related abilities. They are no less for it.

Friends in Low Places are a necessary evil. Plo knows not everyone is low by their choosing and their can be good found among the bad. Who says good people can't steal information either.

Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder is Plo's go to insult. If someone steps out of line they get hit with the Nerf-herder bat. You know you are in the Poo-Doo if Plo calls you this.

Bamboozle & Pacify will be explained in the mulligan section.

The main strategy you need to employ when piloting this deck is uncovering what is in the opponents han. By meeting with only the most Trusted Informants Plo maintains his cover and gets that information not only once but twice just by activating. Nothing intimidates the opponent like you having know their entire plan, except having you know it twice! That is just the first activation, by the time the first round is over you will have more knowledge on them than the tax man has on someone who underpaid their taxes by 1 cent.

For mulligans you want to hard mull for #bamboozle playing this round 1 is a huge way to sow confusion in the opponent. Shuffle away any Pacify's as they will be needed later. Usually around the 107th time you have asked to look at their hand they will be fairly irate and you will need to play this.

The last part for successfully piloting the deck is ettique. Plo isn't a barbarian, he is from a civilized age, therefore you must ask as follows "Unfortunately circumstance dictates i must look at your hand, please comply and this will be over shortly" Word it exactly like this every time, even if you have just looked at their hand. Your opponent will appreciate it.

Last thing to note if anyone ever has a Jedi or Clone in their line up, if you ever have to look at their hand you should conceed. Plo would never rat on Plo's Bros.

Good luck!

8 komentarzy

AlreadyPicked 14

Knowledge is power and curiosity killed the loth-cat!

Bartmoss 1

Knowing the time of your death is the ultimate knowledge ;)

stranglebat 825

@Bartmoss This deck knows the time AND method!

rmohler 585

Watch out for this one.

RebelTraitor 170

so i'll activate plo and look at your hand. oh you think I'm done I'll look at your hand again. okay, activate the informant, look at your hand. Again.

jacksquach 21

Nice, I really like this. I imagine Plo would be very cautious and would need to exercise Caution.

Ira 32

I’ve seen a lot of Aphra decks running around, and they get to draw a lot of cards mid-round. Do you really think that only 12 cards in your deck plus each of your character activations will be enough to know their hand reliably?

stranglebat 825

@Ira There could be more! Investigate comes to mind. @jacksquach I feel that card is only good in the early game, you want it round 1 because it pays to be cautious when you know nothing. But as the game goes on id prefer a card like Risky Move as why be scared when you know everything?