Dallas Regional Winning Deck List 2019

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Raid Boss Vader - Fargo Regional Winner (DestinyCouncil.com) 32 20 8 1.0
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Vader Greedo 1 1 0 1.0
Vader Greedo Melbourne 2nd Regionals 2019 Winner 2 1 0 1.0

tachhire 61

This was the deck I won the Dallas regional with this past Saturday. The one thing I would most likely change is Coercion and replace it with another Deflect or another Force Speed.

  1. Jyn/Cassian - W (1-0)
  2. Vader/Greedo - W (2-0)
  3. Yoda/Anakin/Cassian - L (2-1)
  4. Yoda/Qui-Gon/BR - W (3-1) (fun note on this one. I won with Greedo having a Dagger of Mortis and a Darksaber after Vader died.)
  5. Kit/Aayla - W (4-1)
  6. Yoda/HiredGun/Gungan - W (5-1)
  7. Vader/Greedo - W (6-1)

Top 8 Vader/Greedo - W (2-1)

Top 4 Vader/Greedo - W (2-1)

Finals Leia2/Yoda - W (2-0)

After playing 15 games some of the details are getting hard to remember, but if you have any questions about the list or matches feel free to leave a question and I will answer it the best I can. I will say this Disable was really fun against the shadow caster deck I played against, and using it in the mirror on my opponent's Vader's Fist was really nice as well. I also used Deflect several times as every match-up, except the last, had a range side available to use against.

Thanks - Thomas

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Redentor 82

Congrats on the win! While it's a small sample size, did the loss to 3-wide mill give you any indication of how that matchup tends? Did you resolve a Fear and Dead Men in that game? Thanks!

tachhire 61

@Redentor my opponent played really well and he went 7-0 in swiss. With that being said, I did make the mistake of not going after yoda first when he had force jump on. I was a round away from winning, but again force jump is a thing. Also i did not get a fear and dead men off that game. He pulled it before i could use it sadly. I would have to play it again, but honestly I think Leia2/Yoda is a better mill deck, it's much faster. My friend was the one I played in the finals, and when we play in our local store I probably only win 1 out of 4 times, but this time was just my day against him :)


Big congrats to you friend.

tachhire 61

thanks for the congrats @Redentor and @SLATER :D

Moophisto 403

I like this list. I'm curious as to your decision to go with only 3 pieces of removal + the force illusions. DId you ever feel it was too light on the ability to mitigate?

TheWhiteCitadel 1

So if the opponent can't play the event out of their hand in which the other player named, (Which they "must"), then they are unable to take an action that turn and effectively pass. So if used effectively, it's either play (and resolve) a card that does nothing, or, essentially it's ambush for the original payer or pass/claim the battlefield for them. Right?

tachhire 61

@Moophisto thats all that really was needed. Removal right now is not all that great for this deck. There are some versions that dont have any removal. Honestly, Vader is your removal, just kill them asap and you win.

@TheWhiteCitadel assuming your are talking about coercion. If they cant play it, i.e. they cant pay or meet a requirement then they do not have to perform that as their next action. I never came across that, but its possible. As for telling them to play another card yes they have to. It could be used to make them spend removal on their own dice, or best case in the mirror pop their price of failure on one of their characters early or for the win.

TheWhiteCitadel 1

Yeah Coercion feels like a really good card that only got popular half way through it's standard life-span... Indeed, these vader/greedo decks are indeed beastly and very difficult to deal with! (which is why you may face 3 to 5 in a tourney)... those points being made, do you have concerns about the longevity and variability to adapt this over the next standard cycle? Obviously we don't know much about the cards for the Convergence set, but I think 2 things will happen: 1) After so many regional/national/world high placements with this deck, FFG will nerf Vader3 making him the next OG Palpatine. 2) By late february/early march Convergence will drop making all the critical (and typical) supporting cast of cards (events in particular) fall out of cycle for standard. But for the next 2 months, we will continue to struggle figuring out how to deal with these. [I've heard Thrawn/Snoke even after post nerf, post BoF still preforms decently against vader/greedo, all things considering.] Anyway thanks for sharing and the feedback!

tachhire 61

@TheWhiteCitadel are to tell what things will be like with the new set. Vader has some big die sides. i personally don't think they will nerf Vader, because its Vader. I am sure there will be power creep to compete. On your second point about set drop i would agree with that. As for the Thrawn/Snoke BR i played it last night helping a friend test against Vader/Greedo and i won 2 games to 1. Small sample. Thawn/Snoke is still a thing.

Savage281 1

I usually run Vader Jawa... Do you think such a light removal suite could still be effective there?

tachhire 61

@Savage281 i actually started off running Vader Jawa, i loved the speed of the deck with the action cheat combo with the bf. However, in the end it just felt a little weaker. yellow cards are so powerful right now. Friends in High Places is damn near busted with Vader. Maybe in trilogy/new standard the Vader variants will be closer, but for now yellow with greedo is so strong. As for running light mitigation, i think you run what you can maybe 6 events worth with illusions in that deck, but don't take my word for it. Play test it and have fun :D

Savage281 1

@tachhire will do! I redid it a bit a tried it last night with success lol. What is the best way you find to generate resources? I can't get over how good Jawa/Theed --> Respite is lol. I'm also curious to hear how you feel about both Cunning Ruse and Stifle in Vader decks.

Savage281 1

As well as Bloodlust. That's one I've used with Vader consistently, and usually get a lot out of it... but I've been wavering on it.

tachhire 61

@Savage281 I run truce, but mainly I will resolve resource sides early, and FiHP is the big resource card. I also run 2 copies of No Good to me Dead. That card got me 8 damage one game. I did reroll on a vader die and vader's fist die and got both 4 for 1 sides with no money, but i had a FiHP card. My opponent claimed already. I played friends, and pulled a No Good to me card and healed 2 damage to get the money to deal 8.

I haven't tried Bloodlust to be able to talk about it, but honestly money can be tight and idk if that is worth it since games mostly last about 3 rounds. granted if you are able to resolve your dice separate each time plus PoF play then that could be a nice damage swing, but idk.