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Bpraleigh 104

A strange pairing- Why Iden Versio - Inferno Squad Commander & Sebulba - Cutthroat Podracer? And, if you're playing 27 points, why not play Armored Reinforcement?

Why? Because Sebulba wrecks face. Read Sebulba Always Wins. Now read it again. AT-ST needs to roll a special, costs 6 , & has a big die that can get put to better use. "Mauler" Mithel - Vader's Wingman targets Vehicles only, needs your own Vehicle to work, & still needs to rack up damage equal to the cost to work.

Sebulba don't care. Shadow Caster got you down? Sebulba that thing, and Sebulba Always Wins to get it gone. Vader's Fist bringing trouble?- pull a damage off of Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary with Nefarious Deed and when you Always Win, get that trash outta here!

Both Iden and Sebulba have great dice- nice damage sides, Iden has a 2 side that is proving invaluable, and both have resources. With Iden shutting down action cheating, we have neat duo.

Double Down lets us bring an extra copy of Sebulba Always Wins and Risky Move- which isn't Risky at all with Iden in the pool.

For upgrades and supports, I tossed in a few cheap guns, a Remote Stockpile or two so Sebulba can do some banking, and top it off with Sebulba's Podracer because that thing slays with it's Dug- imagine that with a pair of Laser Cannons and the die doesn't even really matter.

Event-wise it's a pretty standard package of removal and control. The aforementioned Sebulba Always Wins, Nefarious Deed, and Overload let you scrap anything they can bring.

I am not sure about the Battlefield, I have had very fast and very slow turns, so it is hard to tell which direction to go. I kept it Trilogy for testing but may expand depending on results.

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JediJayDee 34

What would you swap for Tactical Mastery if you had to choose another Legacy block card?

DrDoofenshmirtz 106

Is Remote Stockpile really worth it? Even with Sebulba, it just makes his special side into a worse version of getting a ressource by delaying it. The rest is quiet cool. I feel there is maybe a bit too much support removal, but I haven't tried it, so I really don't know. It can definately remove supports as it is.

Bpraleigh 104

I guess I would swap Tactical Mastery for something that brings active defense- a second Improvised Defense or maybe Paid Off?

I kind of agree with your assessment of Remote Stockpile, but I put it in because I kept rolling Sebulba specials when I couldn't/didn't want to discard to reroll. Also, this deck is thirsty so an extra resource isn't a bad thing.

I probably went overboard on support removal, but Shadow Caster & Firespray-31 with mods or a Vader's Fist are total game enders and need to be dealt with.

P0em 322

Tactical mastery is legacies block

P0em 322

Oh dang never mind. I see what JayDee was asking now. I thought Jay wasn’t aware of the reprint in the two player game, but now I see Jay was just asking what could be swapped into the tactical slot.