Melbourne 2nd Regionals 2019 Top 8

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Took this to the 2nd regionals for Melbourne over the weekend.

Woke up the day of, after weeks of testing Dj Aphra (which had proven strong vs vader and mill) and decided I'd prefer to have fun at the tournament than just removing everyone's dice all day. So I put this together hastily just before leaving to play.

Tournament was hosted at General Games Malvern thanks to the crew there and everyone who played.

The idea of this list is to ramp out vehicles or if you can't afford them pitch them for Saw's special for high indirect damage with the alternative win condition of playing planned explosion and using cheat to recur it back or to reuse a second chance etc. I had a ton of fun with the list and I am sure it could be optimised a ton but on the day it did great vs a predominantly two wide meta only losing to mill and a 3-wide list running x 2 surgical strike.

Moving forward I think maybe due to all the high cost supports now out of hero Saw might be a good pairing with yoda for some huge indirect sides. Thanks to all my opponents and my testing group for a great day of destiny once again!

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Danik13 327

First of all, great deck. I love it! I never thought of discarding my own hand with high cost cards for Saw's special. I always discarded my opponent's hand. I love the idea! You're right! With all the high cost supports, Saw might be a great pairing with Yoda. Thanks for sharing! I'm from Quebec, Canada. Your idea will travel from down under to the great white north . I might try you're idea at my Regionals on jannuary 26th. Thanks again!