eDooku eTalzin - Düsseldorf Regional Winner (20 players)

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Star Wars Destiny Center 110

This is the deck that I played to a Regional Win in Düsseldorf, Germany on the 09.02.2019. It was a 20 people event and we had some really good players there. So we played 5 rounds of Swiss and a Top 4 Cut. I went 4-1 in Swiss placing second after Swiss. Jan from the YourDestinyPodcast was streaming the event on https://www.twitch.tv/yourdestinypodcast/ where you can still watch the recordings. My matchups were:

Match 1: BYE - There were three players who used their BYE from a SC, so there was an odd number of players in the first round and I got the BYE giving me a chance to see what people were playing.

Match 2: WIN against eYoda/eLeia/Taking - This is a deck I wanted to specifically beat going into this Regional and I managed to take out Leia early. Shortly after Yoda died to a quick 6 damage No Mercy play.

Match 3: WIN against eTarkin/eSnoke - This game was tipped into my favor by a round 1 Force Illusion on 3 damage that got rid of both of his Vader's Fist's which he wasn't able to recover from.

Match 4: LOSS against eYoda/eLeia/Taking - This game went the completely opposite direction from the first eYoda/eLeia game in Match 2 as he was able to get out 2 Force Jump's on Yoda turn 1 and was therefore able to consistently blank my dice with them and Yoda's ability to special chain them. At that point it was an impossible match to win, resulting in my first LOSS.

Match 5: WIN against eTarkin/eSnoke - This game was gonna be the deciding game for the Top 4 cut. I got 9 damage on Snoke turn 1 (I only went for Snoke first because of a Force Jump on him and I didn't want to end up in a situation as last match). So Snoke went down pretty quickly and Tarkin followed after a bit.

Top 4: WIN (2:0) against eYoda/eLeia/Taking - I played against the same player as in Match 2, but both games were much closer this time. The biggest problem in this matchup was still Force Jump, but she didn't get two out which meant I was able to at least resolve some damage ultimately resulting in the wins. The second game ending very close in a 4 discard roll by Leia resulting in me losing all cards and probably losing, but Dooku rolled 9 damage (At least around that) which let to Leia's death in the last minute.

Top 2 (Finale): WIN (2:1) against eTarkin/eSnoke - The finale was against the player from Match 3, but this time I didn't get as lucky as in Match 3. I lost the first game due to him being able to mitigate my turns consistently while dealing a lot of damage. But I was able to recover from that loss, and the third game ended pretty close with me actually thinking that I had lost until I realized that he didn't have any cards left for Force Illusion.

I might add to this report what I might change about the deck and what the most important cards and plays were if anyone is interested, but it was a great event with awesome people and I'm glad I was able to have this experience :)

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lev 27

Please do share your opinions about your list and possible changes going forward. Congrats on the win!

maxwell9999 37

did you have all the one ofs to tech against mill/Flames of the Past?

PyroGhozt 1

A Villain after my own heart!

Mr_Chip 58

You crushed it! Can't wait to have you on to talk about it!