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nickthebug7777 1313

Hey y'all!
I originally published this only to drop it into TTS for testing, but I've gotten a few questions about it and about game play so I thought I might to a mini write up.

Game play: Play with this deck is fairly straightforward, although it takes a little bit of practice to get the sequencing right.
I usually start an activation of Satine, and use her ability to reroll her worst die (usually anything that ISN'T a resource). The main problem with blue hero these days is money, but Satine fixes this issue almost completely by making 1-2 resources per turn.
After I've resolved some resource sides, I use the Mace PA to dig for some upgrades. A two cost unique is always a solid play because it winds up at only one cost with BTL (can't wait for Yoda's lightsaber with this deck!). I also love finding those free upgrades (Aquata Breather, and Bandolier) just for the shield. I always play Bandolier if I find it because it sets up your infinite upgrade shenanigans (don't forget that Luke's Rod is an equipment!). After that, just activate Mace, roll/deal damage, and grab the battlefield. Deathwatch Hideout is FABULOUS in this deck. Again, it solved the blue hero money problem. It also affords you a bit of mill protection (which you need when your playing up to 10 upgrades on Mace!).

Key cards:

Custom Bandolier is a big one in this deck. Generally speaking, its a poor combo to rely on because it's hard to guarantee. With Mace, though, I've had no trouble pulling it off every game. You see five cards plus a mulligan, then you see four more with Mace's PA. By the time you need the Bandolier (turn two usually) you can see as many as 18 cards!

Mandalorian Jetpack is a winner of a card. I don't see too many people playing it in this deck, but I wouldn't leave home without it. It's an equipment, so it doesn't count against your upgrade limit with Bandolier. The special on the die is killer against big support decks. Something like Vader's Fist, for example, is a guaranteed 2-4 damage and a reroll off of a big damage side.

Bacta Therapy is a must for this deck. You'll essentially always have 5+ upgrades on mace by turn 2/3, and this becomes crazy value. Getting just one bacta tank off will win games. Combined with the shields Mace can produce, you should have no trouble keeping him alive.

Fatal Blow is essentially the offensive version of bacta tank. Once again, you'll usually have 5+ upgrades by turn 2/3 and Mace's dice become INSANE. I've one-shot many a character this way.

Impulsive pretty much speaks for itself. With all of the focus in the deck, it's basically a no-brainer. When you roll out mace with 5 upgrades and roll nothing but a two focus and a bunch of blanks, impulsive-ing that focus into a character kill feels so good.

Instigate was a card I was really on the fence about. A friends suggested I slot it in, and I haven't taken it out since. The ability to activate Mace with so many upgrades and resolve before they have a chance to react is just killer. Favorite play with this deck so far: Instigate, into impulsive focus a Mace die, into Fatal blow for a one shot on General Grievous.


And that's the deck! Current record: 12-0

Thanks for reading! -NickTheBug

R2 Slayer 1

Why not Chewbacca's Blaster Rifle? It seems like that would be a good fit in a yellow Built to Last deck.

Bminny 41

@R2 Slayer agreed, I’ve played that deck and Chewies gun is definitely pretty good

nickthebug7777 1313

@R2 Slayer @Bminny I've tested Chewie's Blaster Rifle! I may put it back in if I'm finding I have a lack of unique upgrades, but for now here are my issues with it:

  1. Mace has such low health that dealing a damage to yourself is almost never worthwile. You'd much rather just live another turn and wreck face with Mace's dice.
  2. The range damage really slows you down. With this deck claiming is key (especially if you have your battlefield).

  3. I just don't have a slot for it. If I had another space in the deck I would probably play Dagger of Mortis before I would put the Chewie gun back in.

General Vatutin 26

Sound reasoning

General Vatutin 26

You really need at least one vandalize imho in this meta.