Reylo Top 4 Prescott Prime

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ScottyB23 13

This deck went 4-1 through Swiss, losing to Chopper droids. Then lost to the same Chopper droids deck in the Top 4.

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Orffme 64

congrats! how many players?

ScottyB23 13

It was a smaller one at 22 players.

Drop it like it's Hutt 160

Well done! Besides the Luke's Protection, it looks like you don't have much shield generation. Did Adapt and/or Ataru Strike ever feel bad because you were short on shields? Or did you get consistent shielding from Rey and the weapons?

ScottyB23 13

Rey is pretty good at generating shields on her own. Polarity helped chain into Kylo’s power action a few times too. Adapt never felt bad because that card is situational to begin with. Ataru Strike was another story. I had used it with great results in prior games, but it never hit the table in the prime. It wasn’t always the shields though, requiring a character die showing melee and the 1 resource cost also prevented this card from seeing play. I am leaning toward replacing Ataru Strike with either Conflicted or Twin Strike.