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TOP 8, (7-1 1st swiss) Spain Grand championship 2019 1 1 0 1.0

Intellectx 264

This is the deck i took to 1st place at the prime championships in Warren Michigan on Saturday Oct. 13. First off a big shout out to the team at eternal games who ran a flawless event. They have a great space with lots of room and i will be looking for an opportunity to visit this store again. Also have to shout out my team the ASGL, Canada's premier destiny crew (sorry speratists). Couldn't have done it without all the high level testing they provided. Extra special shoutout to my main testing partner Dan who really put a lot of effort into practicing for this season. Which resulted in him winning Canadian Nationals and the Prime in Rochester last weekend.

Round 1: EMaul, Phasma2 - Loss - My opponent put significant pressure on me right from the start and i was not able to recover. I didn't play perfectly and i know that I needed to do slow it down and do better.

Round 2: Bye - I don't normally enjoy getting byes when i travel to events but this time I was happy for the win and I knew it would end up being very important for my tiebreakers.

Round 3: PloWoks - Win - He was running Petranaki Arena - Geonosis so I was happy to start on his field. Things went pretty well for me this game and I was able to pull out the win with 1 health to spare.

Round 4: eChopper, E3po, R2 - Loss - I felt really good when i had 0-0-0, BT-1 and respite in my opening hand. However he convergenced my 0-0-0 as soon as he came down. There was one point in the match where i resolved a dice instead of casting a forsaken. This could have been the difference but regardless it was a very tough match and my opponent played very well.

Round 5: EPhasma2, Talzin, Quarren Tracker: - Win - I had been testing something similar to this so I am very aware of his limitations. Mainly if he doesn't have resources he cant play anything. In the end he couldn't keep up with my ramp.

Round 6: Ethrawn2, Sentinel, AR - Win - I love playing this deck so i knew my top priority is to not allow him to resolve dooku sailor for 2 resources. I was hoping to see DM in my opening hand but it didn't happen. In this game he was able to seperatist embargo for 0-0-0 and then use my own DM against my Senate Chamber. I played the first two turns with nothing in play just my character dice. Turn 3 B-T1 came down and turn 4 Megablasters. I was able to close it out from there.

Round 7: Kreylo - Win My deck did exactly what it is supposed to this game and everything went my way.

At 5-2 I was very worried my early losses would keep me out of top 8. Somehow i got very lucky and finished 8th. All of my Top 8 games were streamed by Eternal Games so check them out.

Top 8

EChopper, 3P0, R2 - Win - Droids is always a tough match. But I was able to win this match in 2 games.

Top 4

E3P0, R2, Han - My Brother Canadian National Chapion Daniel Cassell has been playing this deck for a while so I have a lot of practice against it. Still its never easy, we went to 3 games and I was able to pull out the win.


EVader3, Greedo - I was feeling good about the much up however at this point it was 10:30 at night, we had left at 8:00 a.m. and we had a 3 hour drive to get home. I was feeling the fatigue so I offered my opponent to make it a best of 1 but he declined which of course is fine. Good thing as he dominated me game 1. I came back to win 2 very close games.

Always feels great to finish first. Especially when the event is run so well and all of my opponents were awesome. Hope to see everyone at World's I fly out Tuesday.

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jedidomer 58

Awesome write up, congrats on the well deserved win!