Tatooine Pals (3-0) Bones Kit Store Event

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kjavis 50

small event with 5 people some decent decks though

draw cards > drop upgrades > smack stuff

yodaleia W - close game 3 cards left

reylo W - got mind extracted no problem

zuckuss4lom W - darksaber PAd for 5dmg each ftw

4 komentarze

Maulsaberstaff 40

Were you using Fear and Dead Men when you did 5 damage each? You would only be able to do 3 damage each with the dark saber and Maul's power action since it removes the die rather than resolving it. Fun deck idea.

helikaon 34

Agreed. Confused about the 5 dmg comment.

Henslesax 67

Elite Maul is 20 points, so Darksaber die is resolved at +2.

Maulsaberstaff 40

The Darksaber die is removed during Maul's power action, not resolved, so it wouldn't get the +2. It is resolved with Fear and Dead Men so it would get the +2 with that.