1st Place at ROME Prime

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1st Place Italian National Championship 20 13 3 1.0
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Plowoks 2nd place Watford U.K. prime. 2 2 0 1.0

turgan76 113

This is the deck that I and @Jolrog brought to Italian national tournement ( I finished third and @Jolrog was the Italian champion!)

with the new restricted list, Arena of Death - Nar Shaddaa was not avaible in this deck, so we switched ti Petranaki Arena - Geonosis.

since switching battlefield was'nt a priority anynmore, we took out the 2 switching battlefields cards (Shortcut and Across The Galaxy,) and we maximixed the numer of card that deal damage. we also removed the 2 Resistance Crait Speeder since spotting a veicle was no longer required ( and the less dice we have, the lesser opponents removal are worth)

we added 2 x Laser Tripwire, very good agains some matchups ( vader, kylo, chopper..) and 2 x Through The Pass. if you have no damage card in hand , you can spend 2 resources to activate Plo Koon - Jedi Protector twice ( for a total of 2 direct and 4 indirect damage and ploo dice is a good dice also..) or you can use it for an additional ewok warrior or hoth trooper activation.

in these deck each damage count, and those 2 cards proved to be a great addiction for the deck

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tomcats2 69

@turgan76 and @Jolrog You guys are genius. Through the Pass. Such a great play.

Capricorn06 185

I want to build and ewok deck but u just have to tell me why plo koon ewoks over standard ewoks with premtive strike...

turgan76 113

because plo hoon give acces to blue cards like hidden motive, moving rocks ( great in mirror and against droids and reylo) and respite ( since this deck does damage with cards, drawing extra cards is always a good thing)

in addition, plo dice is a god dice and the occasional damage or resources it will do, is a welcomed bonus

camsimps 1

Bravado is one card you might want to give some thought to adding. I run my own version of PloWoks, and that card actually won the game for me last time I played it. Came in pretty handy in a late game situation where my opponent was hanging on by a thread, my Ewok Warriors and Hoth Trooper had been taken out so all of my activation damage was gone, and Plo and Chirpa’s dice are always mitigated. It’s expensive, but I’ve rarely found resource generation to be an issue when playing this deck.