Focus Pocus - Watford Prime Winner 2020

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"Call It In!" Sentinel Messenger/eWat Tambor/Watto 0 0 0 1.0

ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 184

This deck was designed and piloted by Richard Hodgson at the Watford, UK Prime held in February 2020. Here are his results and write up;

Swiss Round 1: Aayla/Zeb/Built to Last - Win

Round 2: Plowoks - Win

Round 3: Vader/Battle Droid/Retribution - Win

Round 4: eGrevious/Aphra/Messenger - Lost

Round 5: eMaul/Phasma/Retribution - Lost

Round 6: eSidious/eTalzin - Win

(finished 7th overall on strength of schedule)

Knockout Rounds

Top 8: Aayla/Zeb/Built to Last - 2-0

Top 4: Satine/Gungan/Lor San Tekka/AR (Shadowcaster reset) - 2-0

Final: Plowoks - 2-0

Write up: "Having seen a rise in 'middle/middle' two wide decks I decided to go back to a more classic layout of three money making characters and big supports. I originally had Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician in for Wat Tambor - Techno Union Foreman for the extra health and the ability to use her two range side in Snoke - Supreme Leader's power action. However despite her extra health I felt that Wat's power action really put this deck over the edge in terms of its competitiveness. All of a sudden being able to get 4-6 damage a round from Sniper Team and the ARC-170 Starfighter won me games just as much as the big cards like Megablaster Troopers and Vader's Fist did.

In terms of some of the other card choices I chose the Arc fighter over Fang Fighter in order to combat Desperate Measures a bit better and also it works nicely with Watto's Shop - Tatooine as a battlefield. If I had fist in my hand but not enough resources the end of the round I could discard the Arc fighter, bring it to my hand and start the next round with the 5 resources I need. We did discuss Umbaran Hover Tank over it however that pay side on the special and lack of three wide decks out there at the moment made the Arc Fighter the better choice. The battlefield also works nicely with Vigilance, essentially making it a zero cost card.

Kylo Ren's Starfighter is purely a meta call to deal with Reylo decks however I didn't face any on the day. The special is still nice for hand knowledge if you roll it in at the start of the round.

For an opening hand the two cards you want are Logistics and Mega's. If I pulled one in my opening hand I would then ditch four cards to hunt for the other. You have the health to go the first round without mitigation (unless you're against Maul!). Its worth saying though that this deck doesn't NEED Mega's and Fist to win, you can easily do it from the other red supports rolling twice in their first round and Fickle Mercenaries with the focus you have. Don't panic about your opponents buying your Fickle's either, you will make enough money to get them back and they've used up two of their resources for it.

Main tip with this deck is to play it calm and slow. First actions should be to roll out Nute Gunray - Separatist Viceroy to see if you can hit his only good side - the two disrupt. Also make sure you remind your opponents of his ability in the upkeep phase at the start of every game, and as soon as either you or your opponent claims. Kylo Ren's ship also should come out early if you have the have it for the hand knowledge. In the matchup against the fat Shadowcaster deck it showed me my opponent had Vandalize in hand which could have taken my Fist off the board, this made me immediately change my targeting and tactics for the round to get the Gungan off the board before she could roll all 5 character dice into play. After that you should just roll out the rest of the characters and hope your opponent uses mitigation on them before you then start getting the rest of the supports into play. Naturally you will have to play around mitigation such as Execute Order 66 and Easy Pickings as this will affect your playstyle and focussing.

Thanks to the D20 Café in Watford for hosting a great event. I believe there were just under 40 players in total. Good food and plenty of space."

For other decklists by the Scruffy Looking Dice rollers, check out our profile on here, our website and our podcast.

6 komentarzy

Superjoeuk 13

Hi, you beat me 3 times yesterday, once in rd2 and twice in the final. Deservedly so ! Hadn’t realised you qualified 7th, I qualified in 8th. Who would have thought the final would have been between 7th and 8th.

Triggering that laser tripwire at the end of round two in the final would have been harsh ;-)

Well played and congrats on the win !!!

Neytz 13

You don't get resources from Watto's shop if you don't actually discard the Arc fighter.

thE_MAndAlORiAn 70

@Neytz, I pretty sure you do.

Queklaine 222

I would think that the way its worded, you wouldnt get the resources. The arc specifically says "before". Which means it basically interupts the action that is causing the arc to be discarded. Since it was never discarded, you shouldnt get the resources from it. If it were worded in something like "when" its discarded you may return it to your hand. Then it would work. But as written, I would say no

Neytz 13

@Queklaine is right. Search the RRG for "before abilities". Look up rulings on Jawa Scavenger in the same situation. L3-37 - Droid Revolutionary not actually defeated with Honorable Sacrifice is another example.

ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 184

Good points! I never used it during the prime but did a few times in testing so this is good to know!