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From author (TacticalZelot):

Use Rebel troopers to keep Admiral Ackbar alive. With Dug in, Field Medic, and 'Guardian', its very easy to do so. The key to this deck is Ackbar's 2 focus sides. Stack guns on him - and one trooper; and then put as many dice in the pool as possible.

The cards, All In and It's a Trap! are massive damage dealers without them being able to respond. It's a Trap! can be played on ranged or focus dice for the combo. Hit and Run plus Squad Tactics puts a lot of dice into your pool fast. Or during set up use Flank and 'Guardian' to split damage or remove it. Squad Tactics is a good option if they roll some damage, you can 'Guardian' twice to split their dice between the troopers. Upgrades like Promotion and Scout have focus sides for the set up, while Datapad special is amazing for Ackbar, changing his dice to focus sides keeps the pressure on.

By mid game you will be rolling to many dice for them to deal with. Be wary of when facing blue villain. Feel Your Anger can set you back a turn or two because there will be blanks before you can focus, All In or It's a Trap! so pay attention to that.

After playing 40+ games with this deck its easy to say that it has about a 90% win rate. There has even been a few games where i killed a full health 3 shielded character with one shot, Its very easy to deal 14+ damage with this deck.

Dodge doesn't matter much because your big hits will come from All In or It's a Trap! without giving them a chance to respond. Taking the battle field is about 40/60, cards like Hit and Run and Squad Tactics get you closer to claiming, allowing Dug in to be played more then you think.

Last thing I'll talk about is Ackbar's ability. It deters them from playing or discarding their last card which can be very powerful at times. Plus with Commando Raid if they have 3 cards you can discard their hand and deal them 2 damage. I've won a few games just because of his ability.

When facing a discard decks like Amidala Its easy to deck yourself when trying to find the All In or It's a Trap!. Do not dump cards for re-rolls if possible try to keep as many cards in your deck as you can, When you down her you can be as aggro as you want.

Hopefully you guys like the deck build I've made, I'm very pleased with it. Comment below and let me know what you guys think! Thank you... TacticalZelot

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