Ackbar's Leadership

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Tybrid 920

So, with much personal work I developed this deck, apparently along side several other variants of Luke/Ackbar. This is my own work and my own conclusions however so I wanted to post it up and see what others thought.

The deck is an Agro-Control deck that focuses on explosive turns with Luke while providing some finishing power to Ackbar in the form of One with The Force.

Card Choices

Comlink was chosen due to it's 2 Focus sides, it's ability to manipulate opponents dice as well as your own, and it serves as a bridge upgrade to some of the more expensive upgrades in the deck.

Survival Gear By far one of the more under-rated cards in the sets, Survival Gear has NO BLANK SIDES, in addition it provides much needed shields, and includes Melee Damage and Focus to boot, all which have great synergies with the deck.

Force Misdirection is one of the better control cards in the game, and is especially good in this deck against other Melee based Agro decks. It shouldn't be underestimated for its sheer ability to remove dice of any facing, not just problem facings however. It's one weakness is that this deck doesn't roll many blue ranged damage dice.

Deflect this card helps shore up the weaknesses of the above Force Misdirection, as well as provides some additional offence while managing defense.

All In is the explosive damage dealer of the deck. Rolling in one of the many focus results this deck can provide can easily turn into massive damage. My best all in to date was OWTF's 3 Focus side, 2 Blank Luke Die, 1 Blank Luke's saber die. 9 Damage right there.

Field Medic, Willpower, are here to add some survivability to our heroes, along with some shields from the Jedi Robes

Mind Trick is an under rated blue neutral control card that has won me more games than I can count. A well timed mind trick is the difference between winning and loosing with this deck.

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