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MaxMcNugget 101

Deck is inspired both by "Power House" by Alper and TinyGrime's video of Duku/Jaba in action.

The basic premise of the deck is to load Jango Fett with upgrades and blast your opponent to smithereens. While Count Dooku helps you control dice, soak damage with Personal Escort , and shield up with Immobilize.

Count Dooku also lets you use the infamous Sith Holocron to cheat out nonsense, so the deck function without any energy acceleration. Also helps that all the non-blue upgrades are 2 or less cost.

The First Order Stormtrooper is mainly here to add more HP to our character pool and to get access to Red for Personal Escort and F-11D Rifle. And you can also load him with your redeploy weapons when push comes to shove.

I chose to run Hunker Down over Hidden In Shadow since Hunker Down is 0 cost and this deck is going to be tight on resources and because Hunker Down can lets you accumulate and or add shields above only having 1 shield.

The only thing I am not sure about is which battlefield to use. Ultimately stuck with Jedi Temple against more event heavy or controlly type decks. But I am not completely sold on it.

Other battlefields I considered: Frozen Wastes and Imperial Armory.

Let me know what you think.

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Palumtra 1

Imperial Armory would be the best choice for battlefield in my opinion, you go for the kill not for the mill :D

striatic 1

Any suggestions to Force Choke substitutions?

MaxMcNugget 101

Hmm, I would probably just add 1 copy of Disarm and if you need a 2nd card I would either add a 2nd On the Hunt or a Lightsaber or 2, to make Dooku a threat. Also 1 Mind Probe wouldn't be bad either.