Grievous found a great clone !

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Hugystyle 31

I tried to find a way to be really agressive thanks to General Grievous damages coupled to Jango Fett's speed.

General Grievous use to be focused because of his damages but I keep on equiping almost only Jango Fett to draw attention.

Thanks to Underworld Connections I equip for few ressources and thanks to Imperial Armory I generate enough ressources to make crime lord a credible option.

Lest but not least a little Personal Escort to maintain the two damagers as long as I can.

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fakejony 2

I like it

Truppel 1

Maybe better with a elite Bala-Tikinstead of normal Jango Fett. And maybe one or two events instead of some upgrades, like Hunker Down and Infantry Grenades are upgrades that are not so much great.

Hugystyle 31

Hey Truppel. I tried some with elite balatik by the past but it didn't work the same way as this deck. I mean bala tik is not a threat by himself when he is alone whereas jango is still very aggressive alone when Grievous is down (because opponents usually target my Grievous). Hunker down is not really good but for 0 you have at least 1 shield and Grievous need some. Infantry grenade is another way to maitain the pressure on all opponents and can be used as discard when only one target remains. What would you put a s event instead of hunker down ?