Taste the Painbow

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The_Gray_Jedi 8

I have been trying to refine this deck for a while. I like the idea of running 3 colors. But I feel it could be stronger. So far my average is 50/50 wins. With SOR coming out, I have soo many more options. I'll take any suggestions.

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rmohler 477

Not sure if the characters have the best synergy, but I love the name!

Iambatman27 1

This deck looks baller yo! Maybe the new set will open some more potent options, or a new more synergistic painbow combo

Peacelord 1146

Main suggestion is try to change as much as you can to £2 ofs" in your deck rather than all of these singletons. Unless it's just cos you have a limited card pool, in which case there's not much you can do of course.

The_Gray_Jedi 8

Thanks for the feedback. And props to @Iambatman27 he did help me "refine it". Looking forward to the new SOR I can add in. Sooo many options. Makes it hard to choose what to take out.

rmohler 477

Echoing what @Peacelord said, try to look over the 1-of's in your deck and decide which ones you want to double up on. If you could pick, would you rather draw a lightsaber, or a flamethrower? Which card will come in handy more often, Go for the Kill or Lying in Wait?

Think big picture - how do you win the game? Is it by doing a ton of damage with weapons? Are you trying to prevent damage before going after your opponent? Then start taking out cards that have the least to do with that objective, no matter how good they seem.

The_Gray_Jedi 8

@rmohlerThanks for the great tips. So far I find that I usually win unless my opponent is able to deal large amounts of damage...or is able to heal fast. So I was thinking about trying to increase my ability to deal large damage all at once, while healing or adding shields. Most cards in Awakening aren't geared toward this goal for villain/neutral...at least not ones that I have seen. But SOR is coming out with some healing cards I think could come in hand. Add to that some more powerful damage cards and some ambush attacks and I think that will help. I'll have to play some with it to see. Love the suggestions!