Lying in Wait to Cheat

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Steady 182

Trying to make a "Lying in Wait deck" This pair seem to work good together and Aura helps to get rid of our cards from our hands. Also, cards like Cheat (i am probably missing others cards with similar effect) help to get an empty hand quick to set up a nasty Lying in Wait turn. PLUS< Cheat can get that same card again for next turn!! The other deck where i can see this "Lying in wait-Cheat" strategy is eJango/eJabba. It could work preatty good with Ace in the Hole.

The Battlefield has to be tested, but this could work.

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Telimtor 1

I made a similar deck and i'm having great result, but honestly each time im drawing Fast Hands i'm quite dissapointed, don't think this deck needs it, you resolve your dices at once dealing massive outburst of ranged damage.

So you don't want to resolve damage most of the time with Fast Hand, and i mean most of your dices are, you can resolve a ressource or something, but im not sure eating an upgrade space is worth it...

On paper it feels awesome, in my mind is does too, but when i play with the deck, most of the time i never need it, i roll my dices and end up not even cashing 1 dice off Fast Hands...

I'll test even more, but right now, im not liking it.

slawekk 1

Magnificent deck,i won it tournament 4-0.It's your idea?

slawekk 1

I play starship graveyard,great combo with armor plating,hunker down and lying in wait.