Luke n' Maz - The Map Meeting

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Brandonious 222

The hero answer to Vader/Raider????? Probably not, but I'd like to think so. How the themes for each faction works in this game is very impressive to me.

Villains - Offensive- Very powerful, and use any and all means to defeat you.

Heroes - Defensive- Combo oriented, and a lot more mitigation than raw force.

(Not saying either side doesn't have some of the same cards. They do)

After a couple of games I was noticing that I didn't have enough offense built in. So I've added Force Training, and some Vibroknife's. I had defense for days, but nothing to really come back at my opponent with. Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber is nice, but I needed more than that with a Lightsaber. I gave up Fast Hands for the Vibroknife. Being able to resolve 2 dice because of Maz's card ability is nice. Making it 3 with Fast Hands isn't too much of an advantage; especially because I hadn't been cranking out damage.

I really happen to like the Life Debt/Lone Operative combo on Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen. Life debt damage from Luke, and clean it up with Lone Operative. BRILLIANT!

R2-D2 isn't the card everyone is waiting to play, but I thought if Luke is in the deck, R2 should be there too.

(R twOOOooooo)

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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