eRey2/eAayla - YOUR Destiny Podcast WORLDS 2018 runner-up

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Old, New, Ataru, Blue 1 0 4 1.0
eRey/ eAayla - Icon 2018 1 1 0 1.0
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eRey2/eAayla - Kessel Cup Winner - 21 Players 2 2 0 1.0
Rey/Luke 0 0 0 1.0

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2406

This is the deck that Mads Utzon took to WORLDS 2018 and finished runner-up with.

We talk about midrange decks in general, in our Episode 11 of the YOUR Destiny Podcast, which you can find here:

Hear us talk about the deckbuilding process of this particular version in our YOUR Destiny Podcast episode 13:

14 komentarzy

NachoASD 273

You can see the top16 in

Sith Holocron 291

Fantastic achievement Mads well done from us at Sith Holocron! Hope to see you all at Euros

artyzipp 7

Does destiny mean the total # of dice that are removed or the numeric values on the dice?

Ion87 25

Your list and DHaus' list both seem cool in different ways. It would be cool to hear you talk about pro's and con's between the two on episode 13! just sub'd. Congrats on the amazing performance!

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2406

@Sith Holocron We wil definitely be seeing you at EUROs!!

@artyzipp "Destiny" refers to the numeric values. So, if you remove a +2 melee and a shield side on 2 dice. you can play a card costing up to 3 resources!

@Ion87 We are finishing up the episode now, so it should be out shortly! Obviously the version that was played by DHaus, amongst others, which is closer to the original stock version (by Bobby Sapphire) has obviously been proven to be a great list. We believe that this version ramps harder (faster), which means it can swap to a more defensive playstyle earlier - keeping your characters alive.

Ion87 25

True that. I like the slightly different approach you tried with this build. That plus stellar piloting seem to have paid off!

Balzhur 106

Congratulations Your Destiny crew you are the awesome and cooler developers of decks of all Destiny.Mads,Claus, you three rock! Cya soon in our next nomercy meeting!

DHaus 498

Love seeing the other Rey/Aayla deck in the top 16! I really enjoy seeing the differences in our decks. I totally see why you chose the cards you played. Honestly I never felt like the Handcrafted Light Bow pulled its weight... It even hurt me against a Yoda/Hondo that used Cunning against me (lol). I would easily swap it out for Obi's Saber. Interesting stuff here! Congrats on the higher finish!

artyzipp 7

Played this with great success last night. I did not find any use for x1 Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber () x1 Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber ()

I am thinking about swapping those for lightsaber pull because the Shoto is so key.

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2406

@DHaus THANKS man! You also did amazingly well! HUGE Congrats to you!

@artyzipp We are as said previously doing a full podcast WORLDS 2018 wrap-up where we discuss in detail the choices of the various cards!

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2406

@artyzipp You are right though, that Shoto Lightsaber is REALLY important for the deck! But adding Lightsaber Pull will also make you a slower deck, and this deck is built to be "fast" (or at least faster than the stock version of Rey/Aayla).

Madsutzon 1

Artyzipp, Shoto is important, but speed is key. Rather play a suboptimal lightsaber than wasting an action and loosing the claim. Keep trying lukes and obi saber, they will prove them self good enough, I guarantee it.

Mark-3P0 159

As a Rey/Aayla player myself, I was really glad to see it make the top 16, let alone the finals! Great job to both of you who piloted my favorite deck so well at World's.

crawwurm 138

@DHaus yea they have an interesting a very brutal take compared to a traditional build. It's very fast thanks to how low to the ground it is. Those destiny starts are grossly powerful when they get going.

P.S I try not to present a handcrafted if I have a choice to a yoda hondo bc that special hurts so much =P