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Scales 638

3-Wide Mill

Original Version - 9th April

Current iteration - updated 24th April

The Idea

Since Lor San Tekka was spoiled in Convergence, with his single -side and power action that went under the radar, I had to make a Mill deck!

I'll explain each choice below as well as alternate cards that I believe will be substituted as the meta forms, but let's start with the most important pieces to the deck...


Lor San Tekka

Every die-side is relevant in this deck:

  • to get what you need, with his 2-side acting as fodder for Leia Organa if needed.
  • Motivate enables his to be a threat
  • s and s are always useful, depending on the situation.

Let's talk about his greatest benefit though - his Power Action:

Choose 3 cards from your discard pile. Then an opponent adds one of those cards to your hand. Set the other 2 cards aside.

What's worse than dealing with Suppressive Fire / Beguile / Hidden Motive? Dealing with them 3 or even 4 times in a game! It is an amazing ability - one that people don't catch on to until late game. I only use this ability to bring back mitigation - when you're opponent has to choose between Beguile, Easy Pickings, or Pacify, it never feels good for them. Also, I never pick a Red Event (such as Motivate or No Answer) which I'll explain later.

Leia Organa

Although a little costly for her single die, Leia Organa is still an amazing tool for mill.

  • Just like Lor San Tekka, all of her die sides are relevant, but her 2 is what you're aiming for obviously.
  • Her Power Action is an after-thought - target Lor San Tekka's 2 or even her own 2-value sides if their are no cards left to discard from hand.
  • From experience, everyone targets Leia first as she has the most disruptive sides/power action. Use that to your advantage! Load up Lor San Tekka and Anakin with Resistance Ring and Lore Hunter.

Anakin Skywalker

A great filler character, providing us access to Yellow and synergy with his Podracer.

The Battlefield

Salt Flats - Crait

  • Although this is a slow deck, when we do have the battlefield, both abilities are valuable.
  • Leia is a leader, and the battlefield ensures we can get her 2
  • Otherwise, we have a form of free soft mitigation by blanking and forcing rerolls.

Key Cards

Resistance Ring

  • The is back-breaking, and why I don't use Lor San Tekka's Power Action on Red Events. With access to Field Medic or Motivate, recursion with this card is great, but the best use of this card is with No Answer for 7 total cards discarded with 2 resources, possibly 8 if we chain s with Bartering too!

Lore Hunter

  • Choosing which card goes to an opponent's hand, while simulatenously removing an important piece of their game plan is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Going up against a Yoda/Padmé and discarding a Target Acquired whilst forcing them to draw First Aid feels good. This card also feeds into No Answer if they have claimed with no cards in hand; force them to take one in hand, then discard it and 3 more! A must in this deck!

Force Meditation > Riot Shield

  • A must-have in Mill. This card goes on to whoever isn't being targeted, and preferably you want to see this in your opening hand.
  • v1.1 - Taking a backseat for Riot Shield, as it synergises with Stealthy (which acts similar to Force Meditation anyway, with the added bonus of a 2 side)

Anakin Skywalker's Podracer

  • Do I need to explain? We want or s. Definitely want this in your opener.

No Answer

  • This card makes the deck viable. 3-wide Mill was too slow previously, and was hard-pressed to discard from hand. With No Answer able to discard the final card from hand, and another 3 off the top of the deck, this card can be a finisher. As mentioned before, paired with Resistance Ring, it's not uncommon to play No Answer twice in 1 round.

Cards to Consider/Change


Yoda's Spirit

  • The is useless (unless we are against a mirror-match)
  • s and are always beneficial, but for 2-cost, just like Stealthy, it gets pushed to the wayside.
  • As a 1-of, it's in an okay place, but I'd prefer more mitigation - I think Entangle has a place, as Anakin seems to last a while.
  • v1.1 - Start Your Engines! was put in instead of Yoda's Spirit.


We are looking for a 2-cost Mill piece, 1-cost upgrade, and some 0-cost removal.

  1. Anakin Skywalker's Podracer (Start Your Engines!) or Force Meditation Stealthy
  2. Hidden Motive and/or Pacify
  3. Bartering or Resistance Ring or Lore Hunter
  4. Easy Pickings or Suppressive Fire
  5. Motivate

Current Record




v1.1 - 11th April

Notes: Too many 2-cost upgrades means inefficient use of s. We've taken out Force Meditation to keep Stealthy in as it synergises with our addition of Riot Shield. Also, Yoda's Spirit, while a good flex choice for mirror matches and more / has taken a backseat to Start Your Engines!, acting as a 3rd Anakin Skywalker's Podracer.



The changes made were great! Stealthy was able to close a game, whilst Riot Shield did work. Start Your Engines! hasn't seen use yet, as I've always managed to get the Podracer first.

So far, this deck is undefeated, but it was a close game against General Grievous/Doctor Aphra/Sentinel Messenger.

Please leave a comment below and I'll answer any questions as best as I can

28 komentarzy

Imperial Spy 178

Looks really really good.

Scales 638

@Namedink - Thank you!

I've just finished my write-up! I hope it shines a bit more light on the deck for you :)

General Vatutin 26

Good write up...tx

WillHope@DF 247

This looks super solid @Scales, great write up. Tell everyone reading this how good No Answer is though. I look forward to seeing you cut those Stealthys for Riot Shields too.

Scales 638

@WillHope@DF- I added a point to talk about No Answer

Imperial Spy 178

I love this deck its so good. I love the write up it tells me what I might want to switch out and what I want to keep in. I'm definitely going to play this the first chance I get. I definitely agree with Stealthy for Riot Shield and Yoda Spirit for Entangle.

OverbakedEZBake 27

Just thought about something; when you put stealthy on a character, it becomes a trooper. So, stealthy may be a good addition still if you wanted to throw in a riot shield. Just a thought, hitting for two off the top from a Lor San Tekka die or a Leia die is just as good as a force meditation.

Oeklampadius 16

I’m itching to try this! I’m probably going to try tossing Yoda’s Spirit for Start Your Engines considering how good Anakin’s Pod is. What is your thought about that card?

Scales 638

@OverbakedEZBake - Yes, with Stealthy providing the trooper subtype, Riot Shield becomes that much better.

My only issue is the amount of 2-cost upgrades that will put the deck in - this was a deck test and it performed well, but definitely needs to remove one of them. If Stealthy stays, I'd remove Force Meditation, but that might not be a bad thing, as Stealthy's side can be pretty good too.

@Oeklampadius - I just discussed that card with my group and they agree that a one-of Start Your Engines! can essentially give you 3 chances at Anakin Skywalker's Podracer

krez 623

Love the list and writeup! This might be the first mill deck I actually start playing. I would love to fit a Flames of the Past but it's tough. I also like Improvised Defense with all the focus going around.

Scales 638

@krez - Thank you

Flames of the Past could have a place in this deck, but I honestly don't know what it would replace. Flames was powerful due to recursion with Ancient Lightsaber, but since it's rotated out, I don't think we need it anymore. With lots of decks running single copies (especially with Armored Reinforcement), it's hard to justify now.

As for Improvised Defense, I like it - especially if Yoda/Padmé becomes dominant, or even Snoke. But Suppressive Fire fills that role in this deck - they can't focus anything if they lose their focus in the first place!

inquistorsz 10

Have you thought about using Moxie for some more Lor or Leia power action goodness?

Scales 638

@inquistorsz - Moxie didn't cross my mind! I can see a use for it on Lor San Tekka, bringing back another mitigation card, but at the same time it's hard when you need 3 in your discard to do it. And since his power action sets aside cards, its hard to get value twice in a round (especially since we want to keep our Red Events in the discard to work with Resistance Ring)

As for Leia's power action, that's 2 character dice I'd need to remove - I would like to at least use one 2 or Leia's 2.

Plus it's another 2-cost upgrade - Stealthy would be more effective since it doesn't remove the character dice, further's our gameplan, and has a 2 aswell.

krez 623

@Scales good point on ancient. That is why I feel inclined to try mill, it seems a lot of the counters are gone, including action cheating.

And I get why Salt Flats is good, but I still don’t see how it’s better than Occupied City - Lothal. How often does your opponent end up blanking your dice with it?

Scales 638

@krez - If Salt Flats gets picked, you have free soft mitigation in round one, or a way to guarentee Leia's 2 side. If they use removal, that's okay - you're plan is to make them get rid of their cards anyway.

This deck is slow - no doubt about it. The more I think about it though, extra mill from Occupied City - Lothal first turn can be good, and when used against you, it doesn't matter with Lor San Tekka bringing back cards or Resistance Ring using the discard pile...

This might be another change!

Drop it like it's Hutt 166

Having played mill with Occupied City - Lothal as my battlefield at a regional, I wouldn't recommend it. You know what's better than using the Lor San Tekka - True Believer PA to recycle a card? Not having to mill a card to play Resistance Ring in the first place. Remember, that action you use Lor's PA may be the one that loses you battlefield control and means another round where you have to mill to get Senate Chamber in play.

WillHope@DF 247

Yeah dont play Occupied City - Lothal that would be a bad choice Scales

krez 623

I'm not sure, I think Occupied City - Lothal is pretty great. I don't think you care if you mill yourself a few times, as you should be milling their deck faster. And even then that gives you more potential targets for Resistance Ring and Tekka's PA. What would you use instead?

Scales 638

@Drop it like it's Hutt / @krez - Group consensus is Occupied City - Lothal is too slow, and we will lose too many key cards. Yes, the PA of Tekka is great, and Resistance Ring can get some back, but there are better targets I want.

Plus I want to use all my cards, not hope to get them back.

So far, this deck is great! I'm very proud :)

Drop it like it's Hutt 166

I think it's a great deck, @Scales, and I'm glad it's playing well. I think you're on the right track with Salt Flats - Crait as your battlefield.

thewelcomemat 71

I'm worried how this will stack up against Leia Lando mill. It's a richer and faster deck, test it sometime.

Darth_Azrael 1

@thewelcomemat I ran this tonight, with my only loss coming from Lando/Leia.

Went 3-1.

Aphra/Grievous/BD/BD - Win

Dengar/Quarren Tracker/Quarren Tracker - Win

Leia/Lando - Loss

Vader/Greedo - Win

The Leia/Lando match felt like a toss-up at the start but after making a play error, it got real bad for me REAL quick. I STILL think that even had I not made a play error, that matchup is still not favorable and would have ended up with the same result. It is just faster, running both Leia power action and Stealthy special to get Lando +4 is pretty bonkers.

Evil_Medical_School 8

played this build against ePalp/eWatto, eDengar/ eAsajj today and felt the deck ran really smoothly.

Scales 638

@Darth_Azrael/@thewelcomemat - managed to playtest against an Leia/Lando deck. The deck is quick, no doubt about it - Tekka's power action, however, proved to be the lynchpin.

I've managed to play that deck in the meta too, but find the 22 health difficult to keep alive - it runs very little removal (6 pieces, not including healing from First Aid/Field Medic), and lost a lot of good surivability from the last block (Second Chance and Hyperspace Jump)

@Evil_Medical_School - Great to hear :)

Oeklampadius 16

@Scales Finally got to play it a few times tonight and went 2-1

First matchup was a loss against eHan Solo - Independent Hotshot/eTobias Beckett - Thief For Hire . I was just getting used to the deck but I think this will still be a brutal matchup. I was always without resources and whenever I had showing I was unable to resolve because Tobias always seemed to have or showing.

Second was a win against eAsajj Ventress - Swift And Cunning/eDengar - Ruthless Tracker. Couldn’t seem to roll or but I had for days. Just waited them out and slowly tore their deck apart while they pitched to reroll. I don’t recall most of the details but I know I wasn’t able to play Anakin Skywalker's Podracer until turn 2 or 3.

The third match was a win against ePalpatine - Unlimited Power/eWatto - Stubborn Gambler. Everything worked out perfectly in my favor; I had Anakin Skywalker's Podracer, No Answer, Motivate and 2 mitigation in my opening hand. I was able to get his whole hand and 5 or 6 from deck on turn one. Palpatine was able to get a Force Storm out turn one and a Force Wave on turn two or three but I was able to mitigate the Wave and took the Storm damage I won by the end of round 4.

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2406

Hey @Scales - tested your deck and loved it! Would you be interested in doing a deck analysis for our website www.yourdestiny.dk?

Please shoot me a message at yourdestinypodcast@gmail.com

Scales 638

@YOUR Destiny Podcast - Thank you for reaching out! So exciting!

I've sent you an e-mail :)

Edozaf21 19

This deck is amazing. Very balanced. Did you try to put force jump?