Aurra Sing / Mother Talzin

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Destry210 719

You need removals that will work in any situation like One-Quarter Portion, Overconfidence, etc... else Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch will die fast. Also, more weapons for Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot would be good.

Kryptmann 1

I'm building the same deck and one card I've included is Dark Counsel. For one money you get 2 focus sides and a special which allows you to draw a card and roll back in, great alongside Aurra Sing's ability. Another card you should consider is Lying in Wait. Because you're running Fast Hands and All In, Lying in Wait could lead to blowout plays where your opponent discards their entire hand. Consider resolving a 2 disrupt from Aurra off Fast Hands therefore stranding them with only 0 cost options in their hand, then you can resolve/play cards before Lying in Wait. If you want more weapons then Canto Bight Pistol fits the bill.

Pegasus 1

@Kryptmann is their a list you have. I've wanting to do the same with dark council but I don't know what to take out. This is a fun deck to play