Palpatine's Witch Magik (4-0) Tampa, FL 6/16/2018

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Palpatine's Witch Magik (4-0) Tampa, FL 6/16/2018 1 1 0 2.0

Timueris 28

Please note this is my first time using the site, and building a deck. I did indeed play this character Elite (2 Dice). I made the mistake of not clicking the 2dice part, and it won't let me edit this to do so.

This was at CoolStuffInc in Tampa for the Sith Cup League It was a 1 Box Tournament with 100% of Entry going to Pot Bonus 3 Round Swiss - Best of 1 -

Father's Day Weekend

Expectations: 8-14 Players. Average showing. Store Champ to Play eHondo/eYoda Top 4 from last tournament to have 2 Kylo Variants, 1 Rainbow Vehicles, and 1 Sabine Variant.

What Showed: 4 Players Store Champ with Rainbow Vehicles (Hyperloops version from World's) Top 4 from last Tournament came with 1 eBoba/ePhasma World's Inspired, 1 eBoba/eSeventh World's Inspired, and my Palpatine that I pieced together watching MGB - Monk's Gaming Battlefield, CX Three, and Double-Blanks Gaming videos.

Quick Thoughts: I knew inside to expect a low turnout. A lot of the players are very genuine personalities that are close with family, and probably would not make it because of that. Still very happy to see the hardcore show up. They average twelve players weekly (and growing with new set announced) even with the harsh Florida weather we have had the last couple of months.

1rst Match: eBoba/eSeventh - Victory (1-0)

In this match I want my opening 6 to have 1 Force Speed, 1 Overconfidence, 1 Isolation, 1 Feel Your Anger, 1 Endurance, and 1 Indomitable.

I will try to claim early, and never let the battlefield hit more than 2 damage. My dice resolution choices were usually discard, ranged sides, and shields. If I wind up with Dark Counsel and Resilience shows up after upkeep I will always use it to swap for one resource. I use my Isolation on Boba Special, and focus any damage sides on that character. Seventh usually takes the follow-up indirect which makes her an easy kill Round 2 or 3. When it comes to this match up I try to Witch Magik anytime it shows. Vibroknife is a thing.

2nd Match: eBoba/ePhasma - Victory (2-0)

In this match I want my opening 6 cards to be Witch Magik, Force Speed, Overconfidence, Indomitable, Feel Your Anger, and either Now You Will Die or Endurnace.

This deck is fast and lethal. I expect Quick Draw and Ambush Guns. The advantage I have is that Red/Yellow Ranged Damage is always blockable unless they splash Blue or use Go For The Kill which is very rare. By second round I often run in to my Force Illusion to save me for a while against Quick Draw and Tactical Mastery. My Dice Choices will prioritize Ranged, Shield, Discard, Resource. Shut off Boba Immediately, and ten health Phasma will follow shortly after due to The Best Defense often being their best Mitigation for low cost. Same plan to upgrade Dark Counsel in to Resil. I actually love Swiftness in to Roll-on for this match. No survivors came in very clutch to help the Palp indirect damage push me through a victory.

3rd Match: Rainbow Vehicles - eYoda/eEzra/Rookie Pilot Victory (3-0)

My opponent remarked that he didn't feel that the decklist had the mitigation to handle playing against the way I structured my deck, and forfeited. This was the reigning store champ who exclusively plays Top Tier. He is incredibly talented, and very helpful. I was very bummed he decided to take the loss, but losing Yoda and Ezra quickly depleted his motivation.

4th Match: Back to eBoba/ePhasma - Victory (4-0)

My best friend is piloting the deck, and knows very spicy combinations with Bait and Switch, and Boba's special using his X-8 Sniper Dice. I love playing against him because he always has a way of bringing some thing new to the matches we play online or in person. I wind up with a weird hand; Force Speed, Doubt, Endurance, Witch Magik, Dark Counsel, and Sound the Alarm. The battlefield mind games are already being discussed. This is my favourite part. I won the opening roll and take my battlefield... He brought Emperor's Throne Room... Nightmare for me as I often purposely take small damage to play a mitigation bluff game so my opponents discard to reroll in to bigger numbers giving me High Ground and Feel Your Anger value. My Dice Resolution Choices are prioritized more towards Shield, then discard, and finally Ranged. This deck from World's that we built uses Truce which gave me a really good wallet to keep my Mitigation and Witch Magik rolling. I was even able to outright pay for Resil and kept my Dark Counsel. We actually went 4 Rounds. Very close.

Okay... Cards I feel were MVPs and Cards I feel didn't come through as I hoped... I am going to include my 41 practice matches against random opponents on TTS regarding my thoughts within this section:

Plot Was Awesome. Six cards opening hand gave me a shot against CQA and Mill.

Palpatine ability put a tempo on to players they didn't expect especially when his dice came back on to the field.

Bad News First- Doubt, Frighten, and Feel Your Anger were not at all helping. I may even drop to 1 Aim and bring in 1 Unyielding.

Good News- My upgrades were flawless. Dark Counsel Drew me clutch cards, Focused my dice, and helped me get what I needed during a Force Speed action cheat. It gave me an easy move to Resilience which won me 2 games. No game has been played where Swiftness in to Roll-on came out and did not shine. Very happy about that mix. Witch Magik over Rise Again... All Day Every day. The amount of cards and resources it cost opponents to get in 3-5 damage just to have me spend 1 to remove 3 from my damage pool and push another to my battlefield made this phenomenal. If you thought I was going to not remark about how solid No Survivors was... You were dead wrong. Damage gets spread, and this card put it over the top. 1 dollar for almost a 3rd Palpatine dice... Stunned by how useful this was to help resolve a shield dice and finish the second character they were trickling damage on to.

This is a great game and I am glad to share it with more people. The new set looks good, and I am hoping to run this at the next 3 Store Championships here in Florida. Please do not hesitate to comment and give feedback. I am still new to the game and learning!

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RJM 121

Nice detailed write up! What store champs are you planning to play at? I'm down in St. Pete and between here and Sarasota the game has almost completely died. Don't even know any currently schedule events.

Timueris 28

Thank you! I am hoping sharing this on social media with the way I wrote up my thoughts will help trigger more interest from anyone hesitant to join in.

Current travel plans are: JUN 24 SUN Star Wars: Destiny Sith Cup Tournament 12 PM · Cool Stuff Games - Tampa

JUN 30 SAT Star Wars Destiny Double Store Championship 11 AM · Nerdz Miami

JUL 28 SAT Star Wars Destiny Store Championship 12 PM · Arena Comics & Gaming, Inc

JUL 28 Star Wars Destiny Store Championship at EC! Sat 11 AM · Emerald City Comics Clearwater, FL

joemasilotti 1246

@RJM SW Destiny LFG has all of the Store Championships lists, not all with dates (yet).

the BEAST 940

What are your thoughts on Taking Ground?

zmanfarlee 19

@RJM Have you joined the Tampa Area Star Wars Destiny Page? That's a good way to stay in the loop. The issue for you is most games are now played regularly by 75 which is about 45min for you.

Timueris 28

@the BEAST I want to be in love with it, but I average 4 as my rolls. It seems people never want to give me shields so I wind up with my BF either way when I do lose the starting roll. Villains always have shield removal, and Heroes go strong on the gear and specials... I want to say Fortify would be a better choice if you were to aim for roll control, and then the extra card for more ammo against your enemy ! Test it a bit, and see if it helps controlling early rolls, but totally give the extra card a shot.

Timueris 28

@RJMthey just announced two drafts for Sith Cup at CoolStuffInc. Get in on the Tampa Star Wars Destiny page, and come roll some of them mighty dice !