Mojo's Cornered Prey

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7 komentarzy

Corbog 108

Seems like Force Push would be nice in this deck.

MojoNexus 33

It has been in and out of the deck. Its a good card for this for sure.

Corbog 108

Gotcha. Yeah I go back and forth with force push because I don’t usually play any mill so my opponents (mainly one opponent haha) isn’t afraid to discar to reroll and that doesn’t help at all with cornered prey and it will all be mine.

Venator class star destroyer! 20

Why not a second dooku?

MojoNexus 33

I am actually hoping to give that a shot as soon as I get my hands on another copy of Dooku.

sent3nced 1

I have a similar deck. For the combos and avoid mitigation, you may need Force Speed, and the second die on Dooku has more value than Assaj's. Force Jump then force speed, Dooku's activation for another blank, or manipulate/your skills are complete, then it will all be mine to kill a character.

Consider Torment and Insidious too, and since you are adding chance cubes, maybe anger. I found that it's hard to put upgrades on your characters, Assaj dies too quickly and the events are too expensive. With Dooku giving 3 damages per turn, you don't need that many upgrades, I'd add more free mitigation and force illusion. Cheers!

MojoNexus 33

Thanks, great advice!