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Zayneth 269

there are zero legendaries in this deck.

The deck is simple, brutal and too the point. With all the focus in the deck it's easy to get what you want. Most times I just go for damage. With Leias 50/50 on damage it's easy to achieve this without the focus which lets you save it for your weapons. The over all combo with the deck is : activate ackbar first---hit and run(use on Leia the following turn)---it's a trap(if range damage is shown on other team) OR all in if no damage is shown but you have focus. The key is saving these cards until ether of this situations happen. My two loses where to EVader/Raider and eJabba/Vader however I have also beaten these decks more than lost to them. You can deal insane amounts of burst damage. Over all it's a fun, fast and deadly deck. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks!

Will be adding Holdout Blasters when they become available. not sure what to take out.

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Psycozis 1

running the same deck, taking out survival gear for the holdout blasters. works great!

tyger 2

Ran this with holdout as well. Take cover got removed. -I think its the closest thing to a ejengo/eveers hero's have but the set is missing a couple cards to be at the top level. -The lack of 2 cost red/redeploy blaster is painfully missing and a best defense or red dice mitigation would go a long way to pushing this from a low T2/ high T3 to a T1 build. -Dodge/Block are just too expensive and Defensive Position/Dug In while great require the battlefield.

Love the build and expect (depending on char) this core of, Laia/Ackbar/all in/hit and run/its a trap, could be a monster after the next set is released with even a few cards.

Psycozis 1

How did you like survival gear in the deck? I just felt it was slowing things down for me.

tyger 2

I used Imperial Armory BF and only played it with that and still felt useless. I felt scout (great for anti-holocron), promotion (ok for getting cards for a combo), and survival gear were there just because red...I would consider comlinks in place of survival gear since it would be much stronger with a claim action to reroll their dice anything with a 2 focus sides becomes super strong with ackbar/all in.

Hennessy 40

Guys I am just now remaking my eLeia/Han Its A Trap deck to this full red. Just a question - does it seems only to me, that Retreat is awsome in this deck? It is super fast, super cheap deck so adding a card, which ends the turn in next action looks to me just superior. IMO it will make wonders in the same way, as hyperspace jump did for me in my previous deck. It is just too good to not play it, against some control decks, you will just mitigate half of the opponents dice...

Psycozis 1

Great idea! I'll try it out, but my preliminary thoughts are that it's too expensive at 2 - it'll be only useful late game when you have all your weapons equipped. By that time i'd rather save my resources for All In / It's a Trap, or one of their characters will be dead and Retreat will just be a "win more" card. That said, you might be on to something!

zammy87 8

I run a similar deck and gotta say its really fast and brutal. This deck can pretty comfortably beat Jango/Veers. I have holdouts in place of survival gear. Also, I cut logistics out of my build in favour of an additional block and dodge.

Book 1388

Scout feels really underwhelming in this to me. The effect is fine, but if you're wanting to kill, Gear is a better means. I also feel like the amount of die control is lacking. I would consider running 2 comlink over the 1 dodge and 1 block.

Hennessy 40

After some playtesting of similar concept deck, I found following:

The deck is not so fast in claiming as I thought

Retreat is from this reason too slow, its not good option.

Anything which is more expensive than 2 is usually too expensive, only exception is IQA.

Any support is not worthy, because of slow activation.

Dodge / Block i something you really want (depending on the meta). We have a lto of hero and blue decks here, so Block especially is crucial against these, you can save yourself a lot of damage. Ranged decks are basicly not so threatening due to Its a Trap.

All In is an ultimate card in this, especially in mid game.

I am not so sure about Scouts. I was not using them much to be honest and they are not so good answer against the Holocrons, because once the Holocron is on table, you are usually screwed.

Think about the idea of Gears mentioned by Books. Theroetically you can push some additional damage from them when you do not have any better usuage for Its a Trap against blue decks and they can give you some minor survival skill. On the other hand, they are really expensive.

Not sure about the battleground. Jedi Temple is too dangerous for yourself, same for Wastes. Armory can help to get this deck on really cheap side and save some slot or two from Rearms.

Overall I went 3-1, loss from Vader/Raider, where it was close call (he damaged Leia for 8 or 9 in first turn...).

Book 1388

I would play Starship Graveyard with Comlinks. In mono-red. Comlink is a must and it pairs well with All In. You can overwrite the links and get them back with Graveyard to use again.

tyger 2

I think star ship is far too powerful to help out other builds to have in here. Plus you already have rearm to dig out those cheap red upgrades. 1x comlinks is enough for eAckbar.

To the speed comment above...its more about dumping 3-4 damage a turn consistently turns 1-3 and then hitting with an unexpected 9-10 for an out KO or 2 with nothing the opponent can do. It can be done a couple ways with mixing hit and run, all in and its a trap. This isn't going to drop 9 on you god roll but you shouldn't be left with less then 3-4 unless its heavy control since most sides are non modified damage.

Feels more like a stronger no mercy/force strike hits then just lots of roll out damage without leaving you with an empty hand though.

Zayneth 269

I went ahead and made a 2.0 with using all of the advice given here in this forum. let me know what you think of the changes!