Seeing Double -Top 8 placing at Western Australia Regionals

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Vash419 1

will both jedhas trigger off first indirect?? if so i love this

Danielcarstein 61

@Vash419 yes if both still on the table you will get 2 milled from the top for first indirect each round It adds up quickly and once an opponent figures it out it tends to take some of the pressure off Yoda as they aim to kill a Jedha

Dragoth 1

I love this. I've been playing it and i've consistently won or come close.

I have noticed 2 things about the deck when playing:

  1. It's very easy to destroy your opponent's deck, but quite tough to destroy their hand.

  2. There were 2 games i played, where i had Yoda left (they had killed both Jedha's) and they had one card left. They ditched it to re-roll. Rolled like a god and were doing 7+ damage. At this point, all i needed was more resources to end the action phase. This i couldn't do, so when i passed, i get hit, Yoda dies, i lose.

I have 2 questions:

1 - On a Yoda special, how do you priortise what you need? - Mill, Resource, Focus etc??

2 - I've put in Hyperspace Jump to end games following my 2 defeats, would you say this a good thing to do and is there any other way or avoiding getting killed in the very last turn?

The deck is amazing and all my games have come right down to the opponent's last turn.

Any feedback would be great and thanks for posting your list :)

Danielcarstein 61

@Dragoth Thanks Im glad you like it, I have swapped out Second Chance for a Hyperspace Jump and it has saved my game a few times so definitely keep it in there.

I hard mulligan for a Double-Dealing and Strength Through Weakness and any kind of mitigation so in the first turn I play double dealings and while both Jedha Partisan are still alive I hope to get indirect damage causing 2 mill then roll in Yoda - Wizened Master hoping to get a special if not I will usually throw out to try and get one if so chain the specials by first milling one from your opponents deck then change a dice to another side again milling one from the top and then claim a resource (hopefully you now have 3 resources) and then drop the Strength through weakness so you can Mill 8 cards easily in the 1st round cutting almost 2 turns off the game.

so now to answer your questions :)

1- Yoda - Wizened Master is awesome, for the first couple of rounds mill from the top and change a dice side that helps to keep the pressure on your opponent so when you play Krayt Dragon Howl they will usually take the hit on the dice as they see how fast you clear their deck, Yoda has a Mill from hand side to his dice so in later games I will use a special to change to that and grab a shield to help keep him alive.

2-I like to try and save a Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder and Friends in Low Places for the last few rounds as you can grab cards straight from your opponents hand but the last few rounds are when I usually lose as well especially if my opponent is playing an Ancient Lightsaber as that can pop back into their deck but hyper space jump helps with that.

Sorry for rambling but I hope that helps :)