Blue Man Group aka "Thrwasp" (Top 16 Euros with Thrawn)

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Zhil 383

This is an original deck built by myself, David Payton aka Zhil that I piloted to a top 16 result at the recent European Continental 2019.

YOUR Destiny deck analysis

The Hyperloops article of the Thrawn journey with some Q&A: coming soon.

I'm extremely grateful for all the positive and warm responses I've received for using this deck at Euro's and for the comments on stream for my games. I'm a firm believer in having fun in the game, regardless of level of player.

Thrawn is my favourite character in all of Star Wars and my aim for this tournament was to represent him well enough for him to get some notice. I didn't believe anyone would have seriously play-tested verses him, or even know how he really plays which could create issues for my opponent.

Thank yous: Az Johnston, John Stanford, Gareth Parfitt, Tim Martin, Matt Flockheart, Aaron Boyhan, Carl & Kayne Harrison, Phillip Stinchcomb (Chimaera), Jonathan Moss, That Garbage Will Do, Simon Willis (Sith Holocron), Matthew Mccann and many more!

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Piffo 67

Hey David, judge Piffo here :D

congrats on your run, it was great seeing a "first venture" deck going so high. I think that's a solid contribution to meta diversification for SOH!

General Vatutin 26

This is a really impressive feat. You just made someone at Entourage Gaming very, very happy as that is one of his favorite characters.

I was really hoping Thrawn would be in the Ninth movie since he alone had the knowledge of the outer region navigational lanes which The Emperor prized. Would have been so fitting to see him chastising Hux. However, SW has always been a story of family so in a way the choice they settled on is thematic in that way. We instead get Hux’s father which is at least an improvement to Hux by himself who was too much of a little twerp and the father played by a master actor! We also get one amazing bounty hunter played by the lead Actress of the Americans who has worked with Abrams before in one of the best costumes ever.

But those piercing red eyes, white uniform, and calculating mind would have been a nice addition to make the final very serious indeed.

Congrats on making Thrawn relevant in such a deadly meta!

clauberalex 36

Nice deck and congrats on the top 16! But it seems to be a little heavy costed with 10 cards (1/3 of it) demanding 3 or more resources. I know it does have 13 cards that are free to play (including Logistics), but can you really generate the money needed to play everything you want?

General Vatutin 26

@clauberalex It is the genius of Count Dooku's Solar Sailer and Armored Reinforcement

Zhil 383

@clauberalex Thanks. It's true, the deck cannot afford everything to put into play. The idea is to find the optimal play and go with that. It's not about flooding the board but getting efficient kills.

John Solo 2

Played this last night at my FLGS and I have a couple of notes.

1 - Resources are tight. Getting off an Admiral is a HUGE game changer, but with 3 cost upgrades and 4 cost titles as well as 1 cost mitigation, this was a hard task to keep up, even with DookSail out there immediately.

2 - I can get Admiral out, or I can get Grand Moff out, can never play both so Moff seems a bit useless unless I get Embargo'd on the Admiral

3 - This Deck can play a little slow, and should with all the actions and cards that you need to keep track of, so this battlefield really can give your opponent an advantage. Personally, I will be looking to change it.

4 - Weapons are hard to get out since they are one offs and you are trying to get the Admiral Play. Looking to replace with cheaper melee weapons.

5 - This deck is freaking awesome and so fun to play. I would not change the pairing at all. I will tweak it to my likings, but if people are looking to play Thrawn, this is a great place to start or even settle in if you are better than me!

Ackoogin 8

@John Solo With respect to Grand Moff and the BF choice: My A plan is to get out Moff round 1, switch BF or get the resource and card then round 2 overwrite it with Admiral (after getting the resource and card) and pay for the reset to get 3 activations from Thrawn. Whilst the BF does help the opponent, being able to grab a resource and card during a round is pretty big.

John Solo 2

@Ackoogin sounds like a good strategy, I will have to try that out. Do you get out any other weapons on your characters during the round? I might change some of those up for possibly cheaper weapons or more mitigation or even Fresh Supplies

General Vatutin 26

One word ..”overwrite” , overwrite, overwrite.

Zhil 383

@John Solo What @Ackoogin said is correct. Yes, the battlefield can be good for the opponent to take but it enables us a mid round resource and card once we have Grand Moff out.

  1. Resources ARE tight. You have to manage yourself very carefully. Only the Riot Shields and Automated are 1 cost mitigation. Sailer into resource side first turn really helps. Focus if you have too for the ramp. (If needed, not in all matchups)

  2. Grand Moff is the ideal first title to play. Then use it to overwrite with for Admiral later on.

  3. The deck is meant to be slow. You are not looking to be speedy whatsoever, you want your opponent to play out their actions first so you can respond accordingly (as you predicted with Thrawn the previous turn). I wouldn't recommend changing the battlefield as it's probably the best to use with Grand Moff. If you really are looking then possibly consider Power Trench Generator (Turn a die).

  4. The weapons are just extra to make the Admiral play even more brutal. They are not necessary. I would have liked to have tried Treasured Lightsaber. The nice thing about 3 cost weapons is that with You are in Command they are easy overwrites for no resources for the title play.

  5. Fantastic! I'm happy you are enjoying this deck to springboard from for your own Thrawn play. Thrawn is a very rewarding character to play and it was my top reason to take this to Euro's as I didnt find Droids or Ewoks fun.

Zombane 445

We're not worthy!

What a great deck. I like that something totally new has forced it's way on to the scene in the face of endless hero droids!