Steers and Veers

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shoeshine 14

Modified the well known Aggro Jango with my card pool, adding a few more mitigation cards into the mix(Dodge, Disarm) and a First Order TIE Fighter to help out against mirror matches

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MajordomoTom 38

you should reconsider On the Hunt - the two Mod faces ... aren't that good with a predominantly ranged attacking build

shoeshine 14

@Tom B Oh I agree it's not the best choice for damage. It's in there for two reasons. 1 as a ramping upgrade, as I only own 1 copy of DH-17 presently, and wanted another 1 cost upgrade die to help me build into better guns. The other reason is for it's special. It comes up a third of the time you roll the die, so it's fairly dependable for fighting against Han/Rey or Qui Gon decks, and as a 1 cost die removal.

shoeshine 14

Played this at a tournament today, with two minor tweaks. Ditched the Infantry Grenades and Armed to the Teeth, instead swapping in a second Probe and a Block. In the morning event I went 5-0, afternoon event I went 3-2.