Papercuts: Blue. SC winner 5-1.

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Talzin Commandos 0 0 0 1.0
Mama's Mandos - 16 man SC in Sarasota, FL. 3rd Place 3 1 7 1.0
Mando Commandos. Beni variation 0 0 0 1.0

aasenb 685

I won the Olympic Cards and Comics Store Championship in Lacey, WA on 7/21/18 with this deck. 9 players, 4 rounds of Swiss, top 4 cut.

round 1: Cassian Yoda mill. Close game, killed Cassian quickly but Yoda started tanking up. Eventually won on time after my opponent got frustrated and wasn't able to stop the damage. Win

round 2: Brandon; eSnoke eThrawn. Vehicles deck. He didn't get the vehicles he wanted early enough seemed like, I was able to overwhelm and kill Thrawn in round 3. He didn't have dark ritual before I was able to kill Snoke. Win

round 3: Marcel; eLuke3 eYoda. Put a lot of early damage into Luke, with the power actions from the Mandalorian and solid rolling. He ended up needing to use Luke's dice as shields instead of damage since my damage output was so consistent. Win

round 4: Cody; eThrawn eSnoke. Cody had a great start and was able to get out an Arc, a Z95, and a Fang quickly. Planetary showed up soon after and I wasn't able to kill Snoke before I went down. Loss

Top4: Marcel rematch; This one went quicker than the first, the damage was good and fast and I don't recall having much damage on any characters before I took it. Win

Final: Cody; Cody scooped game 1 I think in round 3 or 4, I was just rolling really solid and pinging the Mandalorian PA twice each round consistently.

Game 2 came down to the wire, I had Talzin and 1 Mandalorian left and it came down to him re rolling Planetary twice and not getting the damage to kill my characters off. I had claimed and only needed to power action next turn to win. Very close and a great series with Cody.

I would try and fit in 2 Frightens if I had to revisit this deck, they would have helped a great deal with the blue hero decks I faced. Mandalorian Armor was cut for Mandalorian Vambraces the night before, which ended up being huge.

Please leave any comments if you have questions. This deck is great fun and has a ton of consistency.

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Razelll 244

Good job with the win. But the Sith Holocrons seems like a waste to me. You don't even have Force Wave for them.

aasenb 685

@Razelll Holocron was pretty good actually, just another 0 cost equipment to use as the Power Action. I ended up using it to get Push and Throw out on the Mandos often enough. Similar to Chance Cube, you can use the same upgrade to do the power action damage twice, if you get the special and resolve it.

brennanmcgee 291

I’ve played against this deck piloted by aasenb at our LGS. The damage output and consistency is insane. Definitely a force to be reckoned with.

coleformayor 65

9 Players and a cut to top 4, how does that work, I thought there needed to be 17 for a cut?

GamerGuy84 1

Wow same idea I had but didnt think of the Holo and accompanying cards. My design was more 1 drops and removal upgrades, Jetpack. But the principle seems to be the same. Get as much damage through NOT needing to roll dice. Curious why no Bardotan Sphere considering Mothers ability.

aasenb 685

@GamerGuy84 I wouldn't want to play Bardottan Sphere as it seems it's meant for mill. I intentionally avoided any cards that milled me in that way, aka Force Illusion and Spell of Removal.

dpuck1998 46

This same deck won our SC today, 14 players with no cuts and went 4-0. Good player as well as good deck IMO


Hey im interested in putting this together and giving it a whirl, I was wondering if you could explain a bit more about the deck?

What you mulligan for? Gameplan of the deck? Do you prioritise the mandalorian power action over everything?

aasenb 685

@WARDEN So I will mulligan for either Chance Cube or Holocron. If I pull either of them, i'll try and grab 1 or 2 Hidden Motive, just so my I get most of the 'even' cards out of the deck for Talzin's ability. Chance Cube is the better of the two for this deck. I'll use one Mandalorian's PA to play it, then activate that character, but not pay the resource, so the Chance Cube returns to my hand. I'll play it on the other Mandalorian next, but pay to roll it out. Finally activate Talzin and, if needed, use her ability to get 3 resources from it.

All 3 characters have good damage sides, so hopefully minimal fixing is required. I brought Rift Valley - Dathomir with the intention of not having the choice of battlefield. I would prefer to have get the shields (typically put them on Talzin) and make the health pool even larger, since this deck does not claim much.

I dont prioritize the power action, but it's fairly straight forward to get it off twice. Near the end of the game you may not be able to do so, having typically discarded the chance cube or holocrons for re rolls or something? That's where Armor Plating is super useful, basically a force illusion you dont need to mill yourself with. I typically was in a position to use the PA to kill characters. I won the final by claiming and then dropping a holocron onto a character to do the final damage. It's similar to Backup Muscle in that regard (guarantees a kill in situations you are able to claim).

chazz 157

Awesome deck! Playing around with it now. Talk to me about the Mortar Gun. I'm leaning towards Force Wave instead as it's also odd, also puts hate onto multiple character decks but works MUCH better with your holocrons. Thoughts? Also cutting the hidden motives for more reliable 1 drop removal. For Talzin's ability and consistency.

aasenb 685

@chazz thanks Chazz! Relby is really nice if I had it in hand and the resources to play it, so maybe round 2 or 3 after some Chance Cube cash rolls in. I would also sometimes hard cast the force powers on to Talzin if I had the money. I thought about wave but I prefer Throw (2x Push is the best power for this deck) because you can special chain into removal if you're in a bind. Additionally, the action on Relby is similar enough to Wave that you may find you don't need it. I would keep Hidden Motive as it is too good to cut, even being odd. You could make an argument for including He Doesn't Like You for similar reasons.


@aasenb Thanks for the info seems like an awesome deck! I totally missed the chance cube interaction haha. How do you feel it goes if you dont get chance cube early? And in the event you on your battlefield, is Rift Valley just more useful than Mos Eisley Spaceport?

aasenb 685

@WARDEN I basically do a hard mulligan for chance cube or holocron. If I don't pull it I just go with the flow. These mandos are 50% damage and Talzin can fix what doesn't roll well. So the fun thing about the battlefield is that I brought that one so my opponent will never choose it. I want the extra 2 health to make the starting 27 even more oppressive. If I win I'll choose theirs unless it's something nuts like Throne Room, since the opponent will almost always out claim you.

pantzhead 1

What are your thoughts on Crystal Ball in this build?

aasenb 685

@pantzhead definitely worth trying. I'd want to keep Vambraces since the die is so good, but maybe you fit it in and cut some events?

pantzhead 1

@aasenb yeah definitely not cutting Vambraces. I might cut an event for mitigation and a Relby. But I'm very excited to play this in my store championship.

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2406

@aasenb CONGRATS on the SC win ... we are going to use your deck as a part of our analysis of this deck type ... if you'd like us to credit you properly please get in contact with us at

Cheers Claus Staal at YOUR Destiny!

Vash419 1

@aasenband what do you think of adding a veteran storm trooper instead of a commando?? It could give you access to the other color, might be decent maybe not idk

aasenb 685

@Vash419 I had thought about adding one, or 1 die Piett. Getting red would probably just mean DH17 and Best Defense. Great cards but I think it makes more sense to go all in with ePiett + 2x Mandalorians, which is a thing right now I'm trying. A local guy ran it and I'm testing his build at my next store championship.

Vash419 1

@aasenb makes since, well good luck on your next tourney love the deck !!!

aasenb 685

Ramin2-D2 550

no redeploys in the deck?

aasenb 685

@Ramin2-D2 I'm trying LL-30 this week, even though it is even. With chance cubes and holocron you don't need redeploy. Most games I didn't lose a character anyway.

DarthVaderRocks 112

@aasenb Sadly I don't have any Relby-V10 Mortar Gun cards. What would you suggest as a replacement? I love this deck and can't wait to try it!